Hello dear, hope you are fine??! I tried to reach you on phone yesterday but not reachable, I have been battling with a died phone since morning because I didn’t come with charger, and there is nobody I can get charger from in this hotel, so I decided to go out to get one, on my way to a nearby complex, I saw an accident not far to the hotel…hope wasn’t it caused by the vigilante you told me about??????perhaps you are fine,

yet I was shocked when I saw the fatal accident, I thank God

you are not a victim of those that gave to ghost………because I’m not ready to loose my prick oo……….please give a call back to me immediately…….I love you………”

…Yeeeeeh mo daran oooooooooooo…this girl don kill me oo, she don scatter my home oooo……..even If I could find a backup for the message from the top, how can I defend the

last statement “I love you”….. o tan(I’m finished)…………..confession time atlast……….what can I

do?????? Who can I seek advice from????????what is going to happened next??????? Amoke has already known everything that happened so what next????????????? I kept thinking where I sat at the dining table shivering, coldy, headache aching, stomach aching, bones aching, catax, all find their ways inside me, emergence cough, and many more I couldn’t remembered, I stood from my seat, went into the public toilet, I tried to force myself atleast to pee and defecate at the same time but nothing came out…………I emerged out of the toilet

and went to the garden at the backyard, took my sit beside the water pool and thinking of what to do, after some minutes I put a call to suzzie and converse in silence,
Me: hello suzzie

Suzzie: hi bae, what happened now, since yesterday, I called but….

Me: but what???? BUT You have already killed me, you have already stirred up foment between I and my wife, my

home has scattered……my wife has discovered everything, she

is now furious with everything that happened, so what am I going to do now?????

Suzzie: what are you talking about???????????are you not a man of the house??????? Can’t you control a wife?????? What happened to those that has two wives?????

Me: you can ask me again, what the hell are you saying? I’m saying this, you are saying that! Do you realise what you have caused????

Suzzie: what have I caused??????? I carried my bloody ass away from Ghana down here, just only because of you, I have never enjoyed you for a whole day and instead of you pleading and pecking, you are mocking me……what kind of fucking shit is this?????

Me: shit or no shit, remember you are someone’s wife and not mine???????? You have your own home while I have mine, your own is still healthy and active whenever you return, now mine is getting to ashes, and you are wanting me to be happy

Suzie: what is it I caused?????

Me: it was my wife that received your message before she handed it to me

Suzzie: haaaaaaaaaaa, I thought the phone was with you, but how could you allowed your wife picking up or even holding your phone?

Me: hunmmmmm, I shares everything with my wife so I can’t hide anything from her

Suzzie: then you should think of a way out then
Me: so you have no idea right?????

Suzzie: tell her I’m the manager of any familiar company that supplies you some materials in your company and whom claimed to like you personally……….

Me: what about the last statement “I love you”
Suzzie: sort that one yourself..

Me: hummmnnnn, ok ooooooo

Suzzie: when should I be expecting you now?
Me: can’t say for now, but will give you a call back anytime, but please do me a favour

Suzzie: what favour?????

Me: please don’t flash me talkless of calling until I appear to your side

Suzzie: you too, do me a promise

Me: what promise?

Suzzie: that you will appear tomorrow

Me: can’t promise that, but it can be tomorrow or next tomorrow

Suzzie: if you want me to keep that favour for you, do the promise I requested

Me: is that a threat?????

Suzzie: not atall, but imagine I came all the way from that distance and only to abandon me all alone in an hotel, what am I here for?????

Me: ok, if that’s what you want, I will try to come but remember I’m still unhealthy, so nothing must happen between us….

Suzzie: lol, when I’m not insane, I know you are not fine now, just to see you beside me…

Me: alright…take care bye……

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