Episode 9:

The love I have for sarah has began to fade away like dust on the surface of the earth I couldn’t explain why. She also has the Same feeling She doesn’t call me Any more its keeps ne at rest sometimes that She doesn’t call Any more because I Am Happy She wouldn’t think I Am the one avoiding her but sometimes this treathens my heart because I will lose her to another man.

I have always loved her but the affection of marrying her faded away from my heart.

Mr Sent information on How to locate mr castro to my phone he ordered me to go check the Hotel where he will be in two days time to understand and have more idea of What Am geting into.I took one of my best wears as I dressed up around 7:21pm Thursday I moved out of my house.it was about three hours journey from my household to the Hotel.finally I got there at about 10:30pm I knew I will sleep over Leo had already Sent me twenty thousand for for my lodge but its not enough to sleep in that expensive Hotel with twenty thousand.

I entered into the Hotel from the main entrance with face cap on my head I looked around as I saw spy cameras all over the edge in the Hotel about four was in the reception,I kept my head low I never wanted to be spotted before the day of my mission I was walking from the entrance to the receptionist to try to prize the lodge. I say the receptionist as She stands up trying to Welcome me a beautiful lady with wild dress on her body
(Wild dress not a decent dress and not a Simple makeup) so She looks like aristo girl to me but damn beautiful.
Receptionist:Hello gentle man you are most Welcome to texilon Hotel How do we attend to you

Me:cool well I was told to meet someone here but I haven’t seen the person so I just need to ask you if there was Any conference meeting here this Evening

(See big lie,A conference meeting by this time of the night around 10:45pm)
But I had No choice than to lie to her so She wouldnt suspect me cos I had No other thing to do in a Hotel than to log,relax meeting party e.t.c.

Receptionist:oh No there wasn’t Any meeting here today
(Her bright eyes was turning me on)

Me:oh this is ridiculous I think I have to call them I came all the from lisa (I lied again) down to this place and all I get is dissapointment
As I unlock my phone I decieved the lady by faking a massage received by one of those conference meeting participant

Me:oh they already Sent me a Massage that the meeting has been shifted
Receptionist:oh sorry about that so How do you get Home

Me:I have No idea at all

Receptionist:what’s your name


Receptionist:Ok stephen Am sindy

Me:Ok Nice meeting you

Sincy:my pleasure

Me: I think I have to sort my self out

Sindy:you can just lodge here then you can go tomorrow morning

Me: Lol I don’t think I can afford the bills here

Sindy:its just 30k

Me:hun you call 30k just???

Sindy:well its nothing new to me but I also can’t use 30k to lodge for now.

Me:that’s What Am talking about I really don’t know where to stay as at now

Sindy:hmm I can help you if you can Pay me just 3k

Me;Wow I will be most greatful

Sindy:Ok deal. I will take you to my room cos there is camera all over the Hotel if not I would have take you to the main room

Me:(fire will soon be on the mountain if this girl should take me to her room).

Me:thank you so much. Now Am relieved

Sindy:its Ok let’s go

I followed her from behind looking at her buttock moving from left to right most of Hotel worker that are ladies are aristos I was thinking about giving her a Nice fuck from behind but I can’t just sex Any girl,She May be thinking opposite while Am thinking on having sex with her.
We got to the back of the Hotel it was a big Hotel with two swimming pool I looked around and I I didn’t see much camera at this back side one can escape the camera a little but all the Same the Hotel was quite Ok with securities at the entrance I could spot them without uniform.

She showed me her room.
Sindy:here is my room you should sleep her

Me:What about you where will you sleep

Sindy:here of course. When Am done I will come around 12:00am

Me:Ok you are on shift


She walked away from my sight giving me some sexy walk I sensed it sharply cos She didn’t walked that way earlier I got into her room it was cool then o sat on her bed as o fell flat a lot of thought came through my mind sex,money,mission my dad all of this thought was ringing in my head I just slept off tbc…

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