Episode 40.
Alice watched wide eyed as Tony went on his knees before her, he was crying and rubbing his palms together as if he was praying, saying things she wasnt hearing or rather understanding. Ekaitte was standing behing him too and another police officer, she didnt want to believe it was her imagination but she thought she was going to be released. Then Tony said something that caught her attention.
‘come again please’ she said a bit harshly.
‘Maria confessed. She lied Alice. I’m sorry’ he said in tears.
Ekaitte watched him and she could tell this man really loved Alice. Imagine Tony Brown, billionaire Tony Brown kneeling before a classless lady.
‘what do you mean by Maria confessed? I dont understand’ Alice said.
As if for an answer, two policemen dragged Gilbert in, only on boxers and singlet. Huh? Gilbert?
Tony pointed at him ‘he’s the one who shot Maria and killed your best friend Amy’
Alice’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as she regarded the scared looking Gilbert.
‘are you sure about that? Are you sure you are not just accusing him for nothing? Throw him in prison the way you threw me in prison for something i know nothing about?’
‘its him. Maria said he raped her’ Tony said.
‘its a lie!’ Gilbert threw quickly struggling with the policemen ‘you are a fuc.king liar Tony! You just want to throw me in prison for nothing so you could marry Alice! You are a da.mn liar!’
A resounding slap from a policeman shut him up temporarily.
Alice couldnt believe it ‘if he killed Amy, how come Salome……..’ the words died on her lips as she tried piecing everything together ‘this is ridiculous! How then did Rhoda and Angela become witnesses?’
‘i dont know,’ Tony shrugged, then with his knees moved closer and placed his hand on her lap ‘i want you to forgive me Alice. It wasnt my fault. Five people testified against you, my daughter said you were the one who shot her! Why then wont i believe you actually wanted to kill my daughter?’
Alice slapped him with all her might ‘because you are stupid! Thats the answer moron’
‘let me go! Let me go!!’ Gilbert said struggling.
‘take him away!’ Tony said recovering from the slap ‘Ekaitte, have him locked up for the rest of his life, i dont want him to see the sky again, his days as a free man is over!’
‘no way! You cant have me locked up without solid evidence against me!’ Gilbert said.
‘my daughter said you shot her! And raped her, you fool!’
‘so? Everyone knows your daughter to be a rude brat, and she just left coma. Its possible she lost some of her memory. She’s talking nonsense, i would never kill anyone, not now, not ever!’
Tony stood up with full force and punched him ‘dont you ever call my daughter a spoilt brat again, you hear me!’
‘i will keep calling her that because thats what she is!’ Gilbert said.
Alice coughed to get thier attention ‘so Tony, now that you’ve got someone to replace me here in prison, what then becomes of me, you moron!’
Tony gnashed his teeth, he was a moron. Yes a moron for believing Maria. Maria was wicked. She was heartless and inhuman, he wasnt sure she was his daughter. She didnt have his blood running in her veins or that of her mother. He was sure she was exchanged in the hospital, like what happened in Mara and Clara. Perhaps Abby was his child, nonsense! He was allowing a telenovela cloud his thinking.
Blinded by his fury, he had thrown Maria out the house that night. He didnt think twice, he didnt feel any compassion towards her even when she fell on her knees, cried and begged. He couldnt sleep that night.
He kept thinking what a fool he really was. He was a fool for distrusting Alice even for a second. But who could blame him? How would one not believe his daughter when she mentioned who pointed a gun at her and shot her? Who? God! He needed God in his life right now. Whether to direct his path or take his life, he didnt know.
It was Ximena who talked sense into him. No matter what, he shouldnt have thrown Maria out so late in the night! He had gone to find her and luckily he saw her at Susan’s house and had brought her home without saying much to her. He was yet to forgive her. And he would only forgive her if Alice forgives him.
‘i am innocent. I cant kill anyone, i am incapable of hurting a fly! I didnt kill Amy, i didnt shoot Maria, i didnt…….’
‘you did all of that Gilbert,’ a voice said from behind ‘and even more’
Gilbert turned to see who it was and just felt like dying. Who was it?
To be continued………..

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