The God created mouth, as well as what mouth would be eating. Birds are not having pots. But they are eating and having their filled. I knew I wasn’t wrong when I said; ‘I was bad, but God has never punish me for too long.’ This is exactly of what I meant below;
Exactly four weeks after the incident, Lo and behold, I met dorchas waiting for shuttle to take to hostel. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A young girl of those days has fully grown. That is why I said back then: I done chop belle full today has nothing to do with tomorrow’s Hunger. Who would ever thought that Dorchas who I once turned my back unto in disgust, is what i would now embrace as necessity.
Then, I realized that pointing the rifle gun unto back, the one at the front always longer than the pointed mouth at the back. That is perfect example of future development between dorchas.
Yet, if someone wants to give proper explanation to the issue between me and dorchas, he would say perhaps; when desirable is no available, availability become desirable. But when I spoke with her, I realized that my hook has once caught big fish again:
Me: ***standing and looking**** dorchas… Are you?
Dorchas: ***jump up and embrace me**** brother jerry…… Oh! Nooo… All this while, where have you been?
Me:***smiling*** eeeeh yaa! How thing?
Dorchas: things are fine sir. I don’t know you still in school. I would have looked for you.
Me: eeeeeh yaaa! It nice sah…. So where are you going?
Dorchas: I am going to hostel. I am now in 100 level….
Me: which department is that???
Dorchas: estate management!!!
Me: ****hmm!! Murmuring: and estate students can Fork person die ooo, even they feel Fork gun**** that is a nice department… smiling deliberately!!!
Dorchas: and you don’t ask of my sister?
Me: am sorry for that… So, where is she now?
Dorchas:***shrugged*** well, she has got married to somebody…
Me: somebody? Who is that?
Dorchas; I won’t tell you that. Find out yourself.
Me: OK…. No p then!
Dorchas: sorry for that…
Me: don’t worry…it is better as you kept it so confidential… I will find out myself.
Dorchas: brother jerry… Should I say something..
Me: you free….
Dorchas: I believe that not everyone in love is capable of doing anything for their lovers. But lovers rely on each other and might even hurt each other. Sometime they fight and break up or even get back together again. As a woman, I can’t do certain thing for my sister like you can, but you didn’t. Even though, i know that, I still want you to protect her. Why would you just thrown her away just like that all this period?
Me: mmmmh, Dorchas, You can’t throw something away easily just like me, right? Because throwing things away is wasteful. You don’t throw it away first. Because you are afraid to be thrown away? I, who good at throwing things away, and you, who do not throw things away easily. I thought we might have the reasons. I think I had my reason then, but I regret it today. Heeeem, bird in hand is better than thousand in bush sah….smiling!!!
Dorchas: who now be a bird….?
Me:****nodding into her direction…****
Sorcha: ****laughing*** let my sister hear you.
Me: mmmmm…..
Dorchas: don’t let leave talk do another talk. Concern my sister, don’t do that again, OK!
Me: thanks! Heem hemm.. Dorchas, I have a request….
Dorchas: tell me now…..
Me: you mind if I show you some parts of school one of these days?
Dorchas: I don’t mind, off course….
Me: what of tomorrow?
Dorchas: well then fine. And what do you have for me tomorrow then?
Me:****quickly entered with my intro**** nothing much, and although let say I bleeped up in the past, but back then, to say the fact, you were the main character in my dreams… but now, I don’t want to make you the main character of my dream anymore. From now on, can you come out of my dream and become the main character of my life?
Dorchas: there you go again? I will tell my sister for you….***joking***
Me: ***omo see answer****
***chaiiiii, it seems where i want to show okro, vegetable will finally sprout within****

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