I was there at the garden beside the pool for almost 20minutes, thinking about everything, it was damn flustered…….I paraded and surveyed the compound for about

another 10 minutes, I was just flapping around the compound before I later proceeded to the staircase to face the panel…..I

was so foible that I couldn’t continue my move……I waited a

while at the staircase and was think of what to do, what to hold and what to say…….I crossed my heart with the blood of jesus…………..I chose the right turning to amoke’s bedroom, I

knocked the door but there was no respond, I continued knocking until something strike my mind that I should opened

the door, I opened the unlock door, I entered and met amoke lying flat facing downward on the bed with her bombom pointing the ceiling, her legs were beyond the extreme of the bed, I sat beside her on the bed and I started my scopes and lies through my sugar coated mouth……………

“Amoke mi, why did you leave the sitting room and left me all alone???”

“And you know I’m just recovering small small”

“Remember the doctor said I need full rest, see what I am now passing through instead of resting”

“Amoke the message is not what you are thinking, try and hear me out please”

She turn her looks to my side and said:

“What is it that the message means????” She fizzled and turned back her eyes looking at the wall infront of her

“Please dear, try and listen to me very carefully don’t use this to spoil our sweet home, I have already vowed to always be there for you and my son alone and nobody else”

“I want you to suss the nature of being a chairman of an organization as a desperate position, many and different customers will tends you to deny your wish…but it is you that will know what you are doing……

Amoke: do you think I’m a fool???????someone text you a message, saying hope you are not a victim of the accident that happened at the front of the hotel which you just left on that day you left her in the hotel, am I a fool?????

*By this time she had rose from the lying position and sat at the extremely end of the bed facing me with an annoyance looks, I was sweating and my heartbeat was increasing any moment she alters any statement*

Me: not what you think, the woman that called was the woman that supplies us mining clays material, they summoned us for a meeting about how the situation of transaction is going to be at this coming deal, both you and I knew it was IP Manager and the supervisor I supposed to send to the meeting, but who knows if IP manager is also among the culprit we are planning to sack, though, I know I was always been culpable by not telling you how the situation of the office was, but I need to act as a chairman and as the head of your matrimonial home………don’t you know secretary that I supposed to send

along with managers was the one we caught redhanded with those embezzlers?, so what if I send them and they change the organization’s plans????? What if they direct the deal to their own personal benefit as they were doing before????? How much will it remains for the company to runs on

with??????? Small small the company will be ruining, that’s why I was doing everything on my own, for the benefit of all of us………………so I went to the hotel myself alone because I

have decided not to carry anyone in the office along with anything that happens to deal with the company until I

executed my plans of CCTV and co………and we were even upto 6 we did the meeting…….that woman was the only female among us and she was the team leader…………..

Amoke: hmmmmmmnnn but what about the statement “I love you” she used to end the message

Me: that is how she use to…………even though she had once

asked me out, she claimed to like me so very much but I didn’t buy the idea of flexing with anybody

Amoke: hmmmmmnnnn alabi labi…………remember in her

message she said she forgot to come along with charger and that day was a day after you did the meeting and also what’s the meaning of prick that she can’t avoid to loose

Me: @yeeeeh mogbe (I’m doomed) ooooooo, what do I have to say to back this up??????? what can I do now?????? anybody out there to help????@ *I looked down the tiles on the floor in

such as if I’m tired of her questions…..and also as if the

answers to her questions were written on it…..

Amoke: talk now…….you have nothing to say right?????

“Chai mogbe oooooo, what did I have to answer these questions now????? It was another thing I planned to set myself free from this before suzzie lighted up the truth that happened…..I was planning to make a simple lies that I was

attacked by some guys and I was rescued by OPC that’s all, don’t you think this is now complicated? What can I do now?????what do I have to say???????”

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