The following day, I took Dorchas tour the school. We ended at the eatery and demanded for plate of pepper soup and she socked the hell out of me when I asked who type of drink would see like to take:
Me: dorchas, you mind sprite soft drink?
Dorchas: I mind… I am pinking? ***laughing****
Me: ***shocked**** sorry, it is because I never see you in action before ni…..
Dorchas: what of you? Which drink you like most?
Me: I can settle for any drink that contain less than 5% alcoholic….. At least!
Dorchas: mmmh, it is a lie!!!
Me: how do you mean?
Dorchas: I have once seen you smelled of alcohol…
Me: that might be coincidence….
****as the woman finished with pepper soup and dropped the plate each***
Madam: which drink should I bring?
***dorchas spoke first****
Dorchas: you can give me ‘origin’… What do you care for jerry?
Me: ***”my mouth dropped ajar**** yea, give same thing as well and babe oku.*****at the mentioning of babe oku, our eyes met and I stylist sift mine….****
We ate and left the place for home. As we reached my place, the feeling I once had towards dorchas still remain the same. I don’t know how to go about asking her for stuff. What will I say to her? Should I just ask her to let start dating? We just sat down on the rug and Chatting until wen dorchas broke the silence:
Dorchas: I am feeling hot bros, can I used your bathroom?
Me: yea! Leme check if no one is inside.
***I went out and checked the bathroom, it seems no one dey around self among the other students’ that we are sharing the building together***
Me:***came back inside*** yes, you can use it. But let me help you put the water inside first.
Dorchas: ***stood up*** OK, thank!
I picked the bucket inside my room and went to backyard to felt water and put it inside the bathroom for her.
When i came inside, I saw dorchas Unclad with only the pant and bra on alone. My joystick resurrected at the shawty Unclad lady before me with Medium bossom and well round bumbum.
Me:***heart beating faster*** oh! You startled me. Sorry I don’t know you have taken you clothes off.***wanna close the door and return back to outside***
Dorchas: ****smiling*** no ooo, you can come in.
Me: ***came in and closed the door with my backheel***
Dorchas: ****staring at my john thumus*** why you got startled? It is up to my sister own you saw back then?
Me: *** put a devil smile on*** let jus say I met you unexpected.
Dorchas:***raised eye brown*** I never thought you can still get fright with little as this in spite of that two champions you devoured mercilessly.
Me: ***how many things does she know about me*** two as how?
Dorchas: ****i was just playing. Can I have your towel?
Me:***can’t sift my eyes off her bossom*** yea, but I don’t have big towel.
Dorchas: can I have one of your boxer then?
Me: ***voice shaking*** yea, you can.
I hand over one boxer and a round neck top.
Dorchas; are you coming?
Me: eeehmmm, when you through…
Dorchas: ***laughing*** follow me now. ***held my hands and started unbutton my shirt. Moved hands down to my trouser and unzip it***
I could not hold on again as she saw my Joystick perpendicular in angle 90°(degree). I just held her yansh with my palms and plugged my mouth into her mouth. Then, we started kissing all of sudden. I moved my mouth down to her blossom and started leaking the surface of her bossom not cover with bra. I trace my hands into her back and unhooked the bra. The left and right chambers of her heart came off and started building up for an excitement.
I bend down my head and start sucking the tip of her bossom. She let out a moaning: hoouuch, yeaaaa, yeaaaa, hoooo…. I knew she also would want to go for round one before decide to go for bath. I moved her near the bed and lay her flat. Then, we start kissing all over again. When I got tired of kissing. I moved my hand down to her pant and begin rubbing the surface of her punany cover by the pant. The pant has already been drenched by her pre-Pour. After rubbed it for like a minute. I removed the pant off it and let out the kitty-cat off her den. Lo and behold, the kitty is so meaty and slippery. Not only that, as I deep one finger inside it. She start shaking and rolling the Buttocks as if I dey bleeping her with my joystick. And saying jagons: hooouch, hooouch, hooouch, yeeeaa, yeeaaa, fuxk me, Fork me.
I discovered that there is more space left behind my finger. Then I increase my finger into two. After minutes of finger Bleeping, I made it three fingers, there is a little space as well, then i made it four fingers. i was expecting her to say, yeeeee it paining me, rather dorchas was just continues to jack my rod.
Immediately, I remember how her sister own looked like and being described back then (as in: a wild goose that never laid a tame eggs). I don’t know what to call her own Kittycat either gigantic, wide, or shallow Kittycat. This kind Kittycat ought to be inherited by nature. Then, I imagined how her mother own would look like. I started envy the man that was bleeping her mother till she gave birth to all these punany-we-born-children. I imagined how hardy work the man might have been putting every time he Forked her mother.
****In fact, these types of women are ideal for a deviance and greedy guy like myself****

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