Episode 9
Kike: keep deceiving yourself, I know wella, so count me out
Me: so na only your guy dey sample this thing
Kike: yes o,
I left her place, I checked my phone, I met Daniella’s missed calls, I call her back
Me: hello baby
Daniella: baby, Dad will soon be going back to the state o, he said we should do the wedding before he travel,
Me: why can’t he stay here
Daniella: well, he said he doesn’t like Nigeria
Me: okay, I will give you feed back
I ended the call, I was thinking a lot, hope I won’t regret this wedding sha? I was on this when I felt kola’s hand on my shoulder
Kola: na watin you dey think sef (he sat in my front)
Me: guy, na Daniella called me just now (I explained)
Kola: hmmm, but guy sebi you love her
Me; I love her guy, and she’s the only girl I have for now
Kola: forget the only girl stuf, you be fine boy na, girls plenty now, but hope her mum won’t make you regret the marriage sha?
Me: that’s what am also thinking
Kola: (he stood up) don’t worry, the lord is in control, let’s put our trust in him, I will always stand by you
Me: thanks guy
Everything thing happen like a dream, when I married Daniella, so Daniella and I can become a couple, even though her mother frown her face through the wedding, but ko kan aye, naso I become a family man o.
I couldn’t do anything when we got to the hotel on the wedding night, and we went to church to do thanks giving on Sunday, in the evening also we couldn’t do anything cus we were tired, but when I woke in the morning, I was hearing water dropping in the birth room, I undress myself and I joined her, I grab her from behind, teasing her neck, I use my hand to reduce the shower switch, so as to enjoy the stuff, she was giving me a good sign, I use my two hands to grab the big breast, I was squzzing them, my dick don stand, she grab it, she was playing with it, I turned her around, I started kissing her lips, I was slapping her big ass a little, I move slowly to her breast, sucking one and squzzing the other, I resume back to her lips, I moved my hand down to her G spot, the place don wet like mad, I tuned her around again and I was entering her from behind, under the shower, after some minute under the shower, I carried her to the bed, I was hitting her badly, I released my cum inside her, no more wasting my cum again.
I was checking my phone to thanks our well-wishers, but two messages caught my attention, Cynthia’s message “happy married to my baby daddy, my first love, the guy I love most, love you baby, your son miss you” and unknown number “happy married life, I tried the num but the thing is not going, I deleted the messages, and I picked my wife’s phone as well, I read through all her messages as well, her Ex even message her “ happy married life to my baby, I still love you, the guy must be a bad boy sha, for snatching you from me, thought you promise to marry the guy that unlock you? You con leave me” so na the guy deflowered her sef. I slept off

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