• May 31, 2017
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Ada we need to show this to Gibson” said gibson, his voice tense.
He had the package in his hands but I didn’t answer, I couldn’t answer, I had spaced out. I sat down on my bed, my mind all jumbled up.
I remember that picture, it was my 18th birthday. My mum took that picture of me, outside our house. The house that burnt down and killed them all, but how did he get it?
“Ada did you hear me?, I said we have to show this to Gibson”
But I still didn’t answer Stephen.
I felt him sit beside me, he touched my shoulder, but I didn’t respond.
“Ada” he called
“Ada” he called again.
But I sat there, spacing out, my mind jumbled up. Few seconds later, he got up, then I felt his presence leave my room.
I didn’t move. I sat there thinking, this is messed up.
I heard Stephen call me quite loudly, and I wondered why.
I was in Michael’s home office doing some work, when I heard Stephen. He sounded tensed, uncomfortable.
He walked in still calling my name.
I stopped what I was working on to attend to him, “Yo! What’s up?”
He walked in holding a small, Black box in his hand. I looked at the box then at him, “what are you holding?” I asked.
“That’s what I came to talk to you about, Gibbs this is messed up, totally insane”
Ok, if he didn’t get my attention by shouting my name a few moments ago, his got it now.
“What’s messed up, talk to me”
“Well, you won’t like it, ‘cause it’s about Ada”
At the mention of Ada, I sat up abruptly, demanding, “What do you mean?”
Stephen shook his head like he couldn’t still wrap his mind around whatever was happening, then he tossed the box to me saying, “See for yourself”
I caught it in mid air looking at him after getting a hold of it, then I opened it and looked inside. At the sight of what I saw, the muscle in my left jaw ticked, I held the box tight like I was going to crush it.
“Who gave you this?” I asked Stephen, my voice more of a growl.
“I don’t know, it arrived at the gate, like 10 minutes ago”
My eyes moved up to look at him, “no one saw anything, like someone dropping it or something?” I asked, having a really bad feeling. If no one saw anything we don’t know who dropped it, it could be the guy that took Ada or it could be someone else.
“No, no one saw anything” he replied.
I nodded my head, “ok, has Ada seen it?”
Stephen nodded his head confirming my fear, I didn’t want her to see it, she isn’t meant to see it. He noticed the look on my face, this made him quickly say “If I knew that was what was in the box, I wouldn’t have given it to her” . he said, feeling bad.
“No no, its ok, you dint know” then I sighed loudly asking, “how is she?”
“Not good Gibbs, not good at all, I tried telling her that we had to come show this to you, but she just…..she just….”
“She just what Stephen” I asked concerned, my brows squeezing.
He tried to get his words straight, finally he said,, “ she just spaced out”
“Spaced out?” I asked confused.
“Yes spaced out, like she was no longer in her body, no longer Ada”
I got up from my chair with so much force the seat fell backwards; I ignored it and started to walk out asking Stephen as he followed me, “where is she?”
“Upstairs, her room”
I made my way to the stairs, destination: her room, she won’t space out, she won’t break down, I won’t let her.
Stephen was right behind me.

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