At some point in time, I stopped finger Fork and put in my joystick inside her punany. So slippery without restriction. Then, I begin to move up and down in missionary style. In-out, in-out…. My face so drenched and moisture with my sweat. The more I put more effort in jacking, the more dorchas was bleeping me back. Not just lay there like robot. She discovered I no longer increase my thrust like she wants. She begin to say difference words into my hear.
Dorchas: ***sweating and moaning*** yes Jerry, Fork me. I heard you are the professor in fuckiology. Fork me harder. Show your professionalism. I like a good sexmaker like you. I have been expecting a day like today. Don’t disappoint me.
Me:***mouth opened ajar*** sweating profusely and breathing heavily…
Dorchas: ***moaning**** hooouch, huuuuuu, yeeaaa, Fork me harder. Oooh harder babe! I am enjoying you. It true you know how to do it. You are good in S£x making. You are the professional sexier.
Me:****how much does this girl know about me? Does she want to bleep me for long? These are the questions that filled my mind*** then, I change position to canine style, later, to woman on top. Yet, dorchas never stop calling me professional sexmaker. After 10 minutes of bleeping I pour my thing on her belle. As I was groin in pain and struggle with my Pour. Dorchas was busy gather my Pour back to her month and swallowing it. ***mouth dropped ajar, as I was watching Dorchas like a Adult star****
We eventually rest and after 5 minutes she said:
Dorchas:****looking at my eyes and smiling*** can we take a bath now? Hope you bathroom can contain two persons?
Me:***murmuring: this girl holds Master in sexiology ooo*** yea! As you wish…
We both dashed out of the room. I allowed her to enter bathroom first. I went backyard to get one bucket of water more. I took my time to look at our main entranced door, either anybody is watching. Then I entered and shut the bathroom door and putting locker on. She has already Unclad and sat on sink starting washing her punany with Eva soap I gave her. As I take off my clothes. My joystick started coming up again. As I turned into her direction. She signer me to come over where she sitted. She robbed a small quantity of soap over my half-tuggid joystick and begins to rub it with soap and pour water on it. Then she put it inside her mouth and began giving me mouth wash. 10 seconds later, my joystick became so hard and I began to speak mumbo-jambo: haaaa, hoooup, yeeeeaaaa, yeeeeaa. Two minutes later, I don’t know what was directing me again. I went down my knees while she remains sited on the sink. The saint of Eva soap she used to wash her punany begins to come into my nose. Her Kittycat smelled good saint of the soap. I used my tongue to flip the virginal skin one side and using my lip hold on to it while my tongue was going inside the Kittycat. She use her both palm to hold on to my head and begin to make the sound of eureka: ooooooh, ooooh Jerry, please. Her legs started shaking. She continued with the groaning and moaning: huuuuu, hmmmm, yeeeeee, suck me, suck me die babe. You are so good at doing it. You are the professional ooooo. Yeeeee!!! you go kill me here today I swear. She begins to make noise to the extent that if anyone nearby, the person would be hearing the noise. Who cares? 5 minutes of sucking, she begins to pour her Pour on my mouth. So white and thick like condensed milk. I stood up and she started kissing me all over. I have become so hard so I need to put my thing inside her punany to come down again. She asked me to sit on the sink and came over me in girl on top style. Held my joystick and putting it inside of her slowly and start rolling the Buttocks. We later change to doggy style. She held onto window and I start to give her from the back. Some minutes later, I Pour and I was so weak. We took our bath and returned back inside.
That day, I never planned to do anything again. But dorchas was still in need of more. When my body has already tired for it. Without much ado. She came over where i was resting and begin rubbing my body. As i turned my gaze onto her and Fork me more jerry was all I could hear. ****My eyes wide open and I knew I have just met my Waterloo. Sebi I say I be professional niii sey. Dorchas is both S£x-kitten and S£x-starved. I know right away that I can’t win against woman like her, no matter how hard I tried, unless I am a little crazy****
****And to retain the name she does call me, as in “proffesional sexer”. I need my tools beside me.****

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