Me: even if I say anything now, I don’t think you are going to

heed to it…………

Amoke: ok I’m listening…..just say anything….

Me: they came all the way from onitsha, she was the leader of her unit that use to come as an envoy to us, but this time

around she came along with other multilateral co leads………….so she said they were going to use atleast 3days in Lagos………….

Amoke: why are they?

Me: she said they have another target…….

Amoke: hmmmmmnnnn what about the prick……

Me: I told you earlier now, that is how she used to do….infact

she even used to go farther beyond normal interaction to the extent as if we have been dating each other for long, but I was the one that warned her to give a limit or probably stop because I’m a married man, and that may cause troubles to one’s home…………………

Amoke: then, what about the matter of OPC or no OPC……..according to this woman called suzzie, it was OPC

that attacked you and also with the information I had from nurse in the hospital, it was also OPC I heard that attacked you, so how do you explain this??????

Me: lolssssss, is that an examination??????

Amoke: please talk, do you think I’m taking this issue so simple????????

Me: lol, iyawo mi iyawo mi (my wife! My wife!!) I left the meeting around 11:00pm, I was waited to sleep over by the people but I refused because I didn’t inform you that I won’t come home and also I don’t want anything to comes up between mrs suzzie and i, I left the hotel and I was driving in a very speedy race that I almost hit a pregnant woman who wanted to cross over, by the time I suddenly sighted the woman and pressed the brake controlling pedal, the car stopped and the woman knelt down infront of my car as if she was scared and been unconscious, I hurriedly alighted from the car to check if I truly hitted the woman and also to help her to a nearby hospital, not knowing that, it was a plan work, immediately I got alighted, I got a very heaviest slaps on my face from behind, I knew nothing thereafter, infact it was a fake pregnancy she had, and she happens to be the leader that lead the thieves team

Amoke: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa humanu! (She talked in a very amazing and pitiful manner as if she had already bought and chop the lies as a truth and she gave a full attention) @I chose to lied to her inoder to gain her attention and also make the story interesting@ haaAaaaaaaaaaaa is it a crime to help????

Me: later around 4:00am this morning I met myself on the hospital bed and saw baba agbefo who happen to be a

vigilante and the leader of OPC beside me, he told me he was the one that rescued me from those guys, he said they almost took away my car and left me at one side of the road before his arrival along with 2 members of his junior OPC

Amoke: haaaaaaaa thanks to baba agbefo ooooooooo, is it not the man you greeted when we were coming together from saloon last weekend????????
Me: yes you are right…..the man we met at the entrance gate

to the main estate?????(Haaaaa temi bami, I wouldn’t have mentioned his name, hope amoke won’t goto him for investigation??????, God help me ooooooo, na amoke’s hand my life dey now oooooooooo, without amoke, I’m nobody oooo, I have resigned from my own work because of amoke’s property, God have mercy ooooo)

Amoke: heeyeeeeyyyy alabi!!!!!!! What is the matter????????have been asking you question since

Me: haaaaaa I’m sorry dear, I was trying to remember the rest he told me that I didn’t aware of

Amoke: heyah but what about the nurses that were passing rumour that it was the OPC that attacked you, hope that won’t implicate the OPC???????

Me: (gan gan hun) not atall, once I have already left the place, and I only happen to be the one to accused them while I knew all the truth. so there won’t be any implication……………
Amoke: but is that not what the person that brought you recorded as what happened to you to the nurse at the reception, because if that not, she wouldn’t have spreading such rumor……….

Me: I also investigated about the rumor by the time I regained consciousness, I went downstairs to check the record myself and I saw nothing pertaining to such rumor, I then asked the doctor, the doctor said he had silent the nurse who spread the rumor, and moreso, she was saying such because that was what she heard from the OPC but didn’t listened carefully or asked who they smacked?????

Amoke: what does she heard????

Me: she heard them discussing how they beat a man and

almost beat him to death……
Amoke: then who was the man?

Me: I think one of those people who attacked me……..

Amoke: hmmmmmmnnnnnn (oko mi oko mi) my husband


Me: what is that now???????????????you better learn how to be keeping patience ……(But is this girl upto something??????, why “oko mi komi???”)

I moved closer to where she sat and I patted my two hands on her shoulders “baby, I can never lie to you……..and about the

woman, I will do something to it, may be I should report her to their management”…….I said……”Haaaaaaaaaaa please don’t

incriminate her to sanction that will lead them to sack her oooooooo, please we are all human, try another way round” she said………”Ok dear”…..we ended the conversation, and I

decided to sleep in her room, I cuddled her till we woke the following day…………………

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