Episode 41.
Ximena looked at the sorry self of Maria, sprawled on the floor and crying her eyes out. The teenage girl was suffering so much and she felt pity for her.
She might hate the girl and all, but she was just a child. The girl had refused to eat anything ever since her dad brought her home earlier in the day. She had just been crying.
Ximena pitied the girl but she was free now. She now moved around the house at ease without fear of someone stabbing her with a bottle again and calling her names like sl.ut, bit.ch, wh.ore. Maria was a teenager but she pronouced bigger that her age.
Ximena pushed the door wider and entered inside the girl’s room.
‘stop crying,’ was all she could say still standing by the door.
‘go away!’ Maria sobbed ‘i donw want to see anyone’
‘but you’ve got to eat something’
‘tell my dad to forgive me first’ Maria as she kicked her legs in the air like she was riding a bicycle.
‘oh poor little cutie’ Ximena sighed ‘your dad isnt home. He went to get Alice out of the place you kept her due to your wickedness’ But Ximena said it so politely, so motherly no one would blame her for saying that to a little girl who was grieving.
Maria said or did nothing but kept crying. And then Ximena pushed herself to her, she held her shoulders.
‘i know how you feel my little angel. You love your daddy so much right? And you afraid he wont forgive you?’ Ximena asked tenderly and Maria nodded like a scared little child.
‘dont worry he will come around i promise you’
‘promise?’ Maria asked looking into her eyes like a child.
So much love filled her heart for this teenage girl with the way she looked at her. The girl had stabbed her with a bottle but she just forgot about it and started loving this girl this minute.
Ximena smiled and pecked her, happy Maria didnt push her away ‘i promise you my darling’
Then Maria looked into her eyes again pushing more love into her heart. And when Maria took her hands in hers, she knew she could take this girl as her child.
‘i’m sorry for being so cruel to you,’ Maria said tearfully ‘i’m sorry for hating you. You are such a nice person. I just….i just hate any woman that goes close to my dad. I’m so sorry, please forgive me. If you forgive me, then i can have the heart to ask Alice for forgiveness, i’ve wronged her so much i feel she might not forgive me’
Ximena smiled and hugged her ‘i forgive you angel’
Gilbert’s mouth became dry when he saw Dave. Dave? Holy cow, where did Dave appear from. The dude had gone to see his wife and children in the village and had ended up spending months there, each time Gibert called him, he said he wanted to impregnate his wife first before leaving because he had been seeing the way guys in their village stared at her. So he wanted to keep them off by impregnating her. And Gilbert always laughed at him, and so did Collins ‘dont tear her whatever oo’ they had mocked.
Dave had been their very close friend and still remained their very close friend, though Collins had died. He had always discussed Alice and how much he wanted her with them but Dave had always adviced him to stay away from her, especially when she started dating Tony Brown.
It had been a month he heard from him and he was surprised he was reappearing now, in the police station.
‘Dave?’ he called to be sure.
‘its me Gilbert. Long time no see. I see you’ve been finally caught. Well, thats good to hear, i was actually gonna report you immediately i came back especially when you killed Collins’ Dave said with a smiled, a wicked one.
Gilbert frowned, he knew? ‘liar! I didnt kill anybody you fool!’
Dave shrugged ‘i didnt come here to argue with you. I’m going to see the DPO, i came with the evidence Collins left before he died. Do you think he was a fool to have died leaving nothing?’
Gilbert mouth’s became dry, Collins left evidence? At that point, he didnt know when he peed on his boxers ‘what evidence?’
Dave dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a phone ‘this’
Gilbert immediately knew it was Collin’s phone. Then he remembered that Collins always stored whatever he did, good or bad in his phone, infact his day today activity, and then he laughed inwardly, the police couldnt hold him with that. It could be a set up ‘rubbish!’ he said and hissed.
‘its not rubbish!’ Dave said ‘because there’s a video clip inside, a video of him confessing everything you had him do’
Gilbert frowned. Video?
Dave just smiled and entered an office by the left. And Gilbert didnt know when, how or where but he knew his end was near.
He fainted.
To be cont……

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