marriage doesn’t define a woman and neither does spinsterhood. A lot of people including some women proudly shame ladies for being single maybe from the age of 30 or thereabout like its a curse. Its even better to be single and successful than get tangled up in a mess of a situation as tacky as an unhappy marriage no matter what people think. As a realist, the bitter truth of it all is that not every woman is destined to marry and whats that saying again?? “there’s a man for every woman” pffft, this is so false..I mean who even came up with that?
Of course its a good thing to be ‘happily’ married, make beautiful kids, train them, and live as a family in the fear of God. That you don’t attain this doesn’t make you incomplete or a failure..its only a normal phenomenon and it could happen to anyone, sober up, set your priorities right and who knows, a good man would come your time is too late to find love. And even if you don’t find, its not the end of the world and like I said before it doesn’t define your personality ..Anybody can do exploits married or not. Ask Oprah Winfrey
And to the men, who said a lady in her 40s is too old to be approached? to start a life with? who said she isn’t beautiful? A very immature notion adapted by many today. She wouldn’t even speak up and all you say is “old lady go and marry” like it’s a choice she chose for herself and the amateur ones always looking for innocent ladies to pick on would tag themselves ‘savage’ like they get paid for exhibiting their so called savagery.
Don’t let the men act like they are doing you a favour by marrying you, its actually the other way round, the Bible even said “he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”
You guys think you’re doing us a favour?? its quite understandable if a lady stays single , the reason would always be no man approached her for marriage and her life continues buh what would be said of a man who no lady accepts his marriage proposal since its believed that men call the shots ?? how would you see a wifeless man at 60?? there would definitely be no logical explanation for that since y’all believe that even the poorest and ugliest men could get a wife like we ladies are a choiceless gender that would jump at any kind of men and for the sake of what? a title? atleast I’ve seen old single men and their predicaments are not what we could begin to fathom..In all, respect women irrespective of their marital status

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