Days gone by, dorchas and I became S£x-drive. Even, I equally made several raw sexes with blessing after the issue created by Benita and elizbeth has died down. We returned to our usual sexscapapde. I would go to blessing house to give her the Fork of her life during the day, while dorchas would come in the night to get it over the night. The only regret I had is that I was unable to taste Elizabeth punany. A day never pass without me sleeping with the two giants S£x machines. I do satisfy them with the help of aphrodisiac drugs like ketekete gin or vega drug. With these drugs I would go with both a day without feeling of any pain whosoever. After a while, I had to quit with the blessing when I heard that she had S£x disease. Probably she contacted it when we gone for the vacation of our first semester in 400 levels. This made it impossible for her to return to school when we resumed. And with what I could hear. They say she would probably miss the rest of the season. This might have been a lot of lesson to me as well. Yet, I never stop making S£x with dorcah without knowing why, how, and what bringing the Sekxual urge into my nerve. Yet, dorcha is simply a girl I could not devour without the help of drug. Like I said earlier: ‘to defeat a wild girl, like dorchas I have to be a crazy as well.’
She would come to my house like a S£x-tourism. She would sometime sleep over my place, since there is no way she can ask me to come to her hostel for the adventure. A day never passed-by without taking Vega aphrodisiac, not knowing I was killing myself gradually. I just can’t imagine myself getting so desperate everyday in order to satisfy my Sekxual urge. I really can’t say why and how, I just love to have S£x ni. Even the key fundamental points that describe the purpose human being involve in doing something keeps playing in my head. Yet, I never give it a second thought to stop having S£x. Even, my S£x instructor (Mr. Kazeem, a.k.a Kasho, ***a detail of him is coming up***) back then in the secondary school has never this corrupted. Imagined from chyka; my first instructor and S£x exposure, to ibidun; a woman who nearly drown my semen. What of Monica? a huge and gigantic Kittycat. Benita cannot be over-emphasized with her clean and nice laps with nearly American soft hair raw and slippery punany. What I am even saying? Did I forget so soon uduak smelling Kittycat? Or uju, the professional sucker… with ever widen Kittycat!!! How can I forget basheerat so soon? haaaaaa… b-a-s-h-e-e-r-a-t…. Basheerat, the one with hot Kittycat that nearly cut-off my john-thumus…. Yet, I can forget omonike, the shallowness Kittycat, ‘Kittycat we born pikin.’ Even, there is more oooo… who could that be? Yessss… I remembered ooooo, chaiiiii…. I remembered blessing ko mo’n ko. And this story would be completed without mention tope. Heeeeee… T-o-p-e, you no remember? If you don’t, yes i do. Tope my first crush in my first day at school wey I collected her number and promised to call her when I settled down. I did call her. Her case wasn’t just worth written about. I called her and straffed her with her small rat like Kittycat hole. Even there some chicks that I didn’t bother to mention. With all these babes mentioned above, wetin I want again? I done straff black, ebony and skinny. Yet, I could not stop myself from going out to get more. There I go, still want to kill myself on dorchas. Heeeeyy dorchas the giant machine sexmaker.
But who will help me find solution to this everyday urge for S£x. Irrespective of the result that might later come out of my frivolous act, I seemed not care. The more vega I take, the more the power I would have to bleep dorchas. I do not have time for any other ladies because dorchas is a professional S£x-killer on her own.
There was a day I was in class, all of sudden, my view became blunt I found it difficult to see what is on board let alone talk of seeing fellow students clearly. I sensed my eyes were dripping down the tear without crying. I really couldn’t continue with the class because the pain I was experiencing in inner part of my eyes was just too much to bear. Then I decided to opt for home instead. Even though I was still battling with eyes problem, I branched at mama tope to get two bottles of ketekete gin to wipe dorchas in the night. Day after day, seeing clearly becoming problem. My eyes would be soaking as if I pour water inside. Exam is already one month before the commencement. I barely go to class. In spite of this, every time I had a pain-relief drug and eventually getting better, dorchas would still come around. As if they swear me not to see free Kittycat comes around. I would still bleep her. It is like as if God is hidden the devil behind dorchas punny to punish me. Moreover, little did I know that eyes pain and blunt are the little problem I was facing? There are more to face concern my over involvement of S£x addicted.
Little did I know that as I was dreaming about driving a newly model range rover sport and in real life after my service, I had finally drove Range p—y Sport with dorcah gigantic pu**y!!!
What a dream comes true!!!

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