It is not difficult to know if a lady really genuinely loves you.
At the same time, it is also not difficult to know if a lady does not love you. No matter how well or long she pretends, there will be certain signs that will point to the fact that she does not love you.
Once you observe these signs, you need to move on with your life
There is no point flogging the relationship.
Here are some of the signs
1. She will not be excited about you
Once a lady always, all of the time is cold, unexcited, and irritable around you, she does not really love you and does not enjoy your company.
2. She does not talk about you to her friends
Usually ladies are relational and love to talk about the relationships in their lives.
When a lady is in love, she doesn’t hide it. If she is not talking about you, you probably don’t hold a special place in her heart.
3. She has other male friends and hides them from you
Once you are not the only guy in her life and she hides other guys from you, she doesn’t really love you. She has other hidden agenda.
Her text messages are all private. She walks away to pick calls. Her heart may not be with you.
4. She criticizes you a lot and compares you with other guys
A lady that does not value you and keeps comparing you with other guys will most likely leave you.
She does not love you enough to accept you.
5. She openly embarrasses you
A lady that does not respect you but publicly embarrasses you, does not really love you. It doesn’t mean much to her to hurt your feeling. She does not really care.
6. She does not stay or keep in touch
A lady that “forms” busy all the time and doesn’t stay in touch does not really loves you.
When a lady loves you, she will always want to be around you.
7. She does not pray or intercede for you
When a lady loves a guy she prays for him and talks to God about him.
If she has never prayed for you, if she doesn’t talk to God about your progress, she does not really love you.
8. She will not give to you
She doesn’t have to give a guy expensive things but her willingness and readiness to share what she has is a sign that she loves the guy.
If a lady is always receiving gifts from you without giving you anything in return, she does not love you.
9. She will not keep you informed about her personal and private life
A lady does not love you if she does not inform you about our personal life.
If she keeps vital personal details of her life, past or present from you, she does not love you.
10. She can not verbalize her love
Once a lady cannot say categorically that she loves you, then she does not love you.
Usually, a lady should find it easy to say, “I love you” if she does.
So if she has never said she loves you and does not show it in her actions that she loves you, she really does not love you.

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