In 2014 I left Nigeria, having spent almost 2 years searching for jobs without any luck, I had a gal who was very ‘loyal’ despite my ‘brokenness’ grin! We were so much in love despite the usual ‘lovers’ ish! I told her about my plan to seek greener pastures abroad (since naija dey fall hands), she agreed with me though reluctantly coz of what she read and heard about distance relationships! In short I was able to secure a visitor visa to finally leave naija and seek a better life! Hmmm, it was a mixture of joy n sadness! A lot runs through my innocent mind! The thought of leaving my parents behind, the thought of someone taking my ‘boo of life’ like she likes to call herself dominate my heart! But of course the though of living a better life, escaping the noises of ‘molues’ and danfo thrills me! Finally I will be able to provide for my boo and my siblings! But! Hey I was wrong! ‘Nowhere in the world where trees bring forth cash instead of fruits’, you really have to work! I made a vow to my gal to be back in December that year! Lol! And promising never to cheat on her! We almost made blood covenant sef (no blame me o) First few months was hell! It was extremely cold! Like there are AC every where! Infact AC sef dey learn gan! We have to wake up early morning daily to look for off jobs! Despite the coldness! Gradually! The little dollars I brought from naija don finish! I have to pay for monthly rents,electricity,water etc! Hmmmmm! As a naija boy d hustling spirit keeps me going! And of course I maintain communication with bae! We chat on whatsapp most times am free! We upload and tag each other pictures on whatsapp and et al! But gradually the December I promised was drawing near, yet no plan to go naija sef! Firstly due to paper issues(most of us are illegal immigrant until when luck smile on u) secondly no enough cash yet back home due to accumulated bills! Gradually reality begin to stare at my face! Boo will call and tell me how her friends were laughing at her! How lonely she is! How boring it is! How badly she needed to be fvckd! Etc! Of course am in thousands of kilometers away! In a cold winter stricken environment wishing for a miracle! Well! After almost two years of waiting, things changed! The pictures on FB says it all! Perhaps she can’t hold on any longer! When I confronted her with my observations! She raised hell! Of course we men are always the usual suspect! I wept for days! But what can I do? Bae started frolicking with diff guys and yet some idiots back home will start shouting ‘guys abroad are cheat’! Of course my friends around laughed at me for believing there’s still love in Nigeria And she told anyone that cares to listen that she left because she’s so sure I will end up marrying oyinbo!! Fast forward! It’s been three years now I left home! Paper issue sorted! Even though we ain’t super rich, we ain’t as broke as we use to be! Bae is still single! Getting older! Turning to churches! Updating heart aches on FB!! Ladies! The fact that your bf left naija doesn’t mean the union is over, stop this inferiority complex! No white lady is sexier than u! No oyinbo is sweeter than u! Don’t let friends and gossips breaks your heart! Your man will always be your man if you’re patient enough! Sorry if am boring! Just wanna share my experience with u


source: NL

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