• June 9, 2017
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After yesterday’s incident, Becky followed me around like she was my shadow; it was beginning to irritate me. She did this cause she felt I could break down suddenly and cry like I’m a river of tears, endless tears. But of course I won’t cry or break down. Yes I’m freaked out about everything that’s happening to me, but hey! I’ve had worse things done to me: my family being killed is the number one on my list, then Fola getting her life threatened is number two, so all this incidents happening to me, is just more of a nix, it’s nothing.
“Seriously Becky you need to stop following me around, I’m fine” I said, walking into my room from my bathroom to see Becky lounging on my bed.
“Hey, I’m just trying to keep you company ok?”
“I don’t need your company, I’m just fine” I said, walking over to my bed to pick up my body cream by my bed side table. I sat down on the side of my bed to begin the process of moisturizing my body. Becky gasped out loud, placing her palm on her chest feigning surprise and being hurt by my words.
I looked at her then rolled my eyes. She’s just a drama queen.
“You don’t need my company, really, am I that terrible?”
I sighed, saying, “ no Becky you’re not terrible it’s just that you keep following me like I’ll crumble to the ground and break into a thousand pieces from what has been happening to me, but I’m fine, I’m totally fine” I said, rubbing some cream on my legs.
“You’re in denial” she suddenly said.
“What?” I asked, taken back by what she said, my hands stopped working on my legs to stare at her.
“I said, you’re in denial”
I looked at her blankly, letting her know I had no idea of what she’s talking about. She got the message, stood up from my bed and walked towards me saying.
“See sugar, you’ve been attacked twice” she held two fingers out towards me then continued, “one; physically, and two; emotionally. So you have refused to accept the fact that this guy, whoever he is probably knows more about you, than we do”
I sat there, staring at her, then I shook my head thinking, she is totally loco.
She noticed I wasn’t listening to her so she walked up to me faster, sat beside me, and collected my body cream from my hands, then placed it back on the table, getting my attention once again.
“I’m serious Ada, think about it, how did he get your picture?”
“Well I don’t know, maybe from Facebook” I said, refusing to acknowledge the fact that she might be right.
“Ok, do you have a Facebook account?”
I shook my head. She looked at me for a few beats then said, “Denial”
I rolled my eyes at her, picked up my body cream, and continued to get myself ready for the day’s activity.

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