Episode 11
Me: so why don’t you tell me before,
Daniella: its because of your mood now, that’s why I tell you, I planned to tell you tomorrow before
Me: thank you.
After eating, we slept off. My family do amaze me, so Daniella and I can be this compatible, I love her the more, I do wash her cloth, I do cook some times, cus I don’t want her to stress the baby, I love her more than I could ever imagine, and the company is going on well, ohh I forgot to tell you that I now own a venza, she bought the car for me.
I left office before her, cus she was busy when I went to met her, she said I should be going home, I have to leave my car behind cus she didn’t go with her car. I ve already finish cooking before she come.
Daniella: baby, I am tired baje, (she embrace me, and sit down)
Me: hay, sorry dear mi, how is my baby
Daniella: he is kicking. My mum said that I should come and greet her
Me: okay then, go to the dining and eat now
Daniella: no, let me change first,
She was going upstrairs when I heard her voice “JESUS”
Me: what is it
I rushed to the place, I saw blood coming out of her body, I carried her with the blood, to the car, and drove to the hospital, the nurse took her from me, cus she faint, I sat on the chair, waiting for the doctor. He came out with a sad look
Me: (rushed to him) what is it doctor
Doctor: is she using any drugs aside from the one I gave her?
Me: no, not at all
Doctor: it seems she’s using some drugs, Mr Daniel, we lost the baby
I can’t believe my ear, I sat down sad, the Doctor Walk out, one of the Nurse said, “Sorry bro”
“Please where is my wife?” I asked the Nurse, she describe the place to me, I met her crying aswell, I moved closer to her to console her
Me: stop crying
Daniella: why won’t I cry, what did I do for God
Me: stop all that, let me go and get you something to eat
I left the place, I informed Kola, he was sad aswell, his wife cook the food, but cant follow us cus she is pregnant, we met her mother( Mrs. Rose) on the Bed consoling her daughter, she looked at me with a bad eyes but greeted kola and I also greeted her, but she didn’t reply. Kola said he want to be going home cus of his wife, I was about leaving when Mrs. Rose talk
Mrs. Rose: eheem, Daniel, I will be taking my daughter to our house, in other to take good care of her, so you can be going with your friend, and take good care of the company
I wanted to talk but kola matched me
Me: (I faced my wife) is that okay by you?
Daniella: yes baby, love you baby, I will miss you
I walk out and I left with Kola

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