///EPISODE 23///

The following day was friday, after taken my bath, and had brushed my teeth, I wore trouser and my shirt, put on my suit. I carried my briefcase and headed to sitting room, heading

there to take my breakfast, I was at the staircase while amoke and I collided at step5,


Amoke: baby, are you set????



Me: yes, are you also going out???????? @we are walking back downstairs and heading to the dinning, amoke was in a white white suit, with a black inner shirt…….@


Amoke: yes I received a call that my presence is needed at one of our company at the sea side


Me: what happen?????


Amoke: I think I have some particulars to sign


Me: heyah that good, so when you gonna be back????????


Amoke: Tomorrow by God grace


Me: then why are you just telling me now?????



Amoke: am sorry, it was due to my anger state throughout yesterday

Me: hummmnnn ok oooooooooo…….just take care of yourself




Amoke: alright, please don’t forget to pick up ayomide from school


Me: oooohhh what time do they close?????


Amoke: 2pm



Me: alright no problem (thank God she is traveling, I will use the opportunity to see suzzie, I have been cracking my brain for so long for a kind of lie to cook for amoke until she made a way for my freedom herself…………)


We ate the food and I saw her off the garage where the horma jeep she picked the key was parked at the car lot………….I

made sure she started the engine and drove off at my present and I also started my own Navigator and drove away……before

I left the house I instructed the gateman to carry me along whoever that come to the house, whether a visitor or anybody including madam, because madam is traveling and will return tomorrow while I may also not come back home until the next day……………….

I left the house and went to office to sign some documents, around 11am, I put a call to suzzie to put her aware and to assure her of my coming, she told me she will be expecting…………….after all the necessary documentation in my office, I left the office around 2pm and went to pick

ayomide in school…………..I took my boy along with me to the hotel……inside the car, we have a little discussion


Me: my baby boy…..how are you


Ayo: daddy daddy, I’m fine….


Me: how was school today????


Ayo: fine, where is my mummy


Me: your mummy travelled to somewhere



Ayo: ooooohhhh ooohhhh but why???? She promise to take me out tomorrow


Me: heyah sorry, to where?????


Ayo: I don’t know, but I think Mr.bigg

Me: don’t worry, I’m taking you to somewhere you have never been to


Ayo: where is that???


Me: have you ever been to an hotel before???



Ayo: noooooooooooooo, my aunty mention hotel as a house of prostitute


Me: haaaaaaa noooooooo, it a house that contain rooms for people who is far to their home and need a home to spend their day……and also meant for refreshing and enjoying….do you understand? An hotel is different from a brothel


Ayo: enjoying????


Me: yes…….you will drink and eat….I’m taking you to the

biggest hotel but don’t mention it to your mummy when we back oooooooo


Ayo: why….?



Me: (hope this boy won’t disclose my secret???) Don’t mind me jare, we are going to bar house not hotel oooooooo,


Ayo: bar??? To do what????


Me: enjoy ourselves with drinks and fried meat or fish………


Ayo: ok……………


We arrived at the hotel around 2:35pm……….I thought of taking

ayomide to stay with our gateman but I was scared taju won’t monitor him very well………..We went straight to the executive

room I lodged suzzie to, I knocked on the main door and it was opened for us by suzzie….


Suzzie: hey welcome dear


Me: how are you mrs


Suzzle: what’s that, and whose child is this???



Me: @I smiggled my eyes lashes to pass message to her inoder to play along the line as a mrs and also to act normal@ this is my boy ayomide……..his mother travelled and that’s why I brought him to bar for enjoyment


Suzzie: oooohhhhh I see, ayomide right?


Ayo: yes my name is ayomide, who are you



Suzzie: I am mrs suzzie, an attendant to serve you drinks and other things you desire


Ayo: thank you mrs suzzie, I will say you well to my mummy



Me: @haaaaaaaaaaa modaran, say wetin well?????how could suzzie mentioned her name, is that not another problem if ayomide mention the name again to his mummy@ (by this time we have been on our sit on the executive chair, suzzie picked up an intercom, she put a call and ordered for drinks and meat, after some little minutes I noticed someone stood behind the door but never enter, I shouted from inside who was that “who is there???” But no response, suzzie stood up and went to the door to check if anybody was there or not, but she met nobody, and she said to me that I was dreaming……………but to be sincere I heard a footstep and felt

someone stood behind the door……we buried the matter and

after 5minutes a lady knocked the door and brought our order……………….one bottle of fanta was placed infront of

ayomide and a plate of asun (assaulted meat) ayomide started drinking it while suzzie call me inside the bedroom, we left ayomide alone at the sitting room, suzzie was in her bumpshot

which looks nothing compare to pant, as we were walking to the room, I called her attention to how too shot her bompshot was because of the small boy that was included in the

room…..she replied “what does he

knows????”…..”Haaaaaaaaa he knows many oooooooo, infact

he does everything like a mature person o, even though I’m scared he would say everything that happens here to her mummy, so please let keep off sex till we leave this place and besides, you know I’m just getting recovered little by little” I replied……………….

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