With the problem of sight in mind, I have made a consultation to school hospital several times. But the drug I was given it is like it made no difference. I then decided to make consultation to outside school hospital. The doctor runs some test about my blood and prescribed some drug for me, even gave me eye drop for the eyes and warned me to stay away from any physical activities I might have been involving myself all this while. After collecting the drug from the man, I still put deaf hear into his warning. During the night I first took the drug he gave me something happen. I just ate finish and put a prayer that dorchas would come tonight because I felt weak already. I already discovered she is a devil prescribed to deal with my frivolous sexscapade. I sat on the rug and taking a nap… two minute later; I heard a knock on my door;
Me;***I managed to answer*** who is that?
Visitor: ****low tone*** it is me… dorchas!
Me:****whaaaaaat?**** Hope this girl wants me die from bleeping? I murmured*** coming, ****compose myself***
Dorchas:**** after she came inside*** heeeeya, sorry, how about your body now?
Me;***managed to answer**** I am alright now. I was given the drug and eyedrop. Though I have taken the drug. I just need to take a rest sah.**** I added every detail to avoid S£x again tonight****
Dorchas: ***bad mood*** what have now eaten?
Me: I have taken bread and tea.
Dorchas: eeeya, leme cook sparg for you then. In case you feel like eat again**** opened the shelve where I usually keep food***
Me****frown< murmuring: you still don’t want to go to your hostel today abi??***** ok then, but don’t wake me up sah. I need to take some rest.
Dorchas: ok! You may eat it if you wake up in the night.
Me; are you sleeping here?
Dorchas: yes na. it already late. They might have even closed the hostel gate ba.
Me:****wetin dey do this girl na?*** ok, then…
I lost in thinking while I cannot straff dorchas that night, why? First, I don’t have any drug at home. Second, I don’t have energy to drive her Kittycat this nite. Third, doctor warned me to stay away from physical thing for now. Physical thing could mean S£x by doctor. He just had to sound friendlier like that to avoid loosen a client.
With these points in mind, I have made up my mind to opt-in for drug should in case.
Even though I had it mind to go get drug, I didn’t know what took me back to school road. I just heard paooooow… paoooow!!! The clacking-sound of the gun. And everybody started running for their life. I was running as well. I started running till my backheel begins to touch my bumbum. I was running as if my life depends on it. I saw people running away and I was running into the same direction people are running into in order to escape. I discovered that the people that we were running into same direction started dismissing one by one, as if ethereal is picking them, till no one following into the direction I was going. When I looked at my back, I saw nobody again, and then I saw three guys with guns ruining after me and asking me to stop. I started running again. They were asking me to stop otherwise they would shoot me. I didn’t listen because I was totally scared to see only me being after by these three heavy guys. Nowhere to turn to!!! No corner to branch to!!! Only long widen road I was running to with guys following my back, I started praying. I don’t know if God listen tho, but I sensed I was praying. All of sudden, I saw a girl open a gate from a particular house and asking me to come over before they catch unto me. I have started weaken to the extent that it is becoming too hard for me to put effort into my running. Then, as I want to enter the the gate, I heard the sound of gun again “paoooooow”. I then froze on the spot. As I was trying to access if the gun shot was directly entered my body. It became down on me…
I found myself on the rug struggling and sweating profusely. Yeee yeee yeeee… were the words that were coming from my mouth.
I look at my side I found the sparg which dorchas has cooked and placed on the food tray beside me. The sound of yeeee, yeeee…. Making was the sound that brought her into reality because she also was asleep.
Dorchas: ****woke up and came over to my side*** whaaattt happen jerry?
Me:****sweating profusely and scanning over my body if I might not get shot**** am okay!
Dorchas:**** asking**** it is a dream???/
Me; yea… I nightmare…
Dorchas: hope it wasn’t too bad?
****I could not if ot my time to explain how it went before I heard a bang on my door****
Dorcha and I look at each other. I check the clock on the wall and it is already 11:45pm. Who could that be? Hope they are not those chasing me in the dream? Panick was writing all over me and dorchas. She could not know what to take as she started shaking all over the body. The only person she can depend on who happen to me shown a lot of panic and self losing control.***the I managed to ask;****
Me:****with trembling voice**** who is that?
Man behind the door: it is police officers?
Me:****look at dorchas face*** hope there is no problem sir?
Police: not at all. It is just that your attention is needed. Can you open the door?
Me:****stood up from the rug with drenched face and moisture body**** I am coming… *****I managed to put clothe on and wore a trouser. I barely see clearly but it seems the eyedrop that I was giving by the doctor make a difference.
****as I opened the door, three men in black police uniform banged into the room. Flapping their ID card onto my face and said:
Police officers: we are from badagry police head quarter. You under arrest for the CRIME of RAPING against a lady called ELIZBETH!!!!
Me: *******scared****** WWHHHAATTT???
****One of the officers came behind me and gave me and knuckle from behind. I fell on ground and I was put-on an handcuff and drew roughly inside the police van*****
Could this be the end? Will I be able to return back? Are Benita and Eli trying set me up? As the Clock is tickling, judgment day is getting closer!!!!

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