Episode 42.
Tony knocked lightly on the door then opened after the baritone voice ushered him in.
He saw the unknown Dave sitting opposite the DPO. He coughed lightly.
‘sit’ the DPO said quietly while looking intently into his laptop.
Tony nodded and sat besides Dave. Dave smiled at him ‘i’m Dave Cordova’ he said stretching forth his right hand.
‘Tony Brown’ Tony said taking his hand.
‘its playing’ the DPO announced.
Tony and Dave came over to his side as the DPO played the video.
It showed Gilbert, wearing a blue jean and a red tshirt with Collins by his side just on singlet and boxers, showing it was his house.
‘didnt i tell you i was going to kill that saucy brat called Maria. But you know what? I really wanted to rape her first, press her succulent brea.sts, kiss her pink lips and grab her bread soft a.ss. It was unfortunate’ Gilbert said.
Collins bit his lower lip ‘why did you shoot her Gilbert, i thought she was helping you by giving Alice a hard time huh?’
‘i shot her because her usefulness has expired’
‘you would have just pushed her away’ Collins said.
Gilbert laughed ‘i did push her away. Pushed her away to hell! So, lets forget about that little brat called Maria, she’s gone and dead forever. The next plan is…..i want to get rid of Alice, i want to kill her’
Collins was startled ‘i thought you said you loved her? That you wanted to marry her and spend the rest of your life with her?’
‘but she doesnt want to. She refused me, she refused my love so she has to pay. No body refuses me. And she loves that Tony Brown. Once i kill her, i will kill him too, kill everyone!’
‘including me?’
Gilbert smiled ‘i will never kill you my bestie. If not for you, mehn, i wont have succeeded at all’
Collins looked at him for a while ‘i dont trust you’ Gilbert laughed so he continued ‘so, back to the first issue, you killed Amy and Kelvin right?’
‘yes i did. I dont trust Amy and Kelvin too, so i got rid of them’
The DPO paused the video and shot Tony and Dave a glance ‘now we know who our fake witness is’
Tony blinked twice, how could someone be so evil? ‘i want him dead’ He walked back to his seat.
The DPO nodded ‘he’s going to be sentenced to death i’m sure of that. We just need to take him to court’
Dave shook his head ‘i’ve always known that Gilbert could go any point to get whatever he wants but i never knew he could be so dangerous’
‘how did you get this cellphone mr Cordova?’ the DPO asked.
‘two days after i came back from the village, Collins visited me in my apartment. He told me everything, every dirty job he did for Gilbert and he gave me his phone. He showed me the video and told me to keep it. Because he was sure Gilbert was going to kill him. So he told me to keep it and show it to the cops after he dies. Thats exactly what i’m doing DPO’ Dave said.
‘hmm’ Tony sighed.
Alice was released in the evening and after Gilbert was resuscicated was locked up.
‘where am i taking you?’ Tony asked as he drove.
Alice eyed him angrily. She wanted to tell him to take him home and then she remembered she didnt really have anywhere to go to. Amy was dead.
‘take me to a hotel and pay for a room’ she said sternly.
‘why not come to my house?’
‘fool! You want to take me to your demonic daughter? May God punish you and your stupid daughter. Its God that will deal with you two mercilessly, the way you both made my life a living hell, your lives will be a mansion of sorrows and pains, you both will never experience peace in your lives, i said it!’ Alice said beating her chest.
Tony nearly cried, she had bitterness in her heart and in her soul. All thanks to Maria, he was going to deal mercilessly with Maria today. He was going to do to her what he had never done before. And really, he wouldnt think twice.
Then he realised Alice was still swearing ‘God will punish both of you. Peace will be like poison to you both, sorrow will your one and only companion, watch and see. What i suffered, the both of you will suffer ten thousand folds’ Alice said.
To be continued…………

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