Episode 43.
Tony drove to Genesis Hotel and paid for a room for Alice. Alice hadnt said a word after all the series of insults and swears.
‘are you okay?’ he asked as they entered the room.
‘dont i look okay to you?’ Alice threw coldly.
Tony kept quiet as his gaze swept across the room ‘you should be comfortable here. You and the baby’
Alice scoffed ‘like you care if i’m okay or not’
‘i care’ Tony said gently.
‘funny’ Alice said with her hands akimbo ‘would you go or you would just stand here?’
Tony tried moving closer but Alice put up her hands to stop him ‘i need clothes. Go to my house and get some’ she said coldly.
Tony wanted to say something but changed his mind ‘your parents house?’
‘yeah insult me’
‘i didnt mean it that way. I just wanted to know if its your personal apartment’
‘silly! When last did i go to my apartment? When you sent police to come pick me up, where was i living? Asking stupid questions is all you know, nonsense!’ Alice snapped.
Tony sighed ‘i…its late. Its past nine so i might not be able to go there now but…..’
‘no buts!’ Alice interrupted ‘you MUST get my clothes from that house now! And make sure you get everything that belongs to me’
Alice slapped him ‘didnt i just say no buts?’
Tony rubbed his sore cheek and stared hard at Alice. Alice was looking at him too. Though he saw pain and hatred there, he also saw a love hidden there. He realised all she had said in the police station the last time was said out of anger and he knew without doubt that the baby she was carrying was his.
He felt angry in his spirit that he allowed his unborn child and its mother to suffer. He deserved every insults Alice was giving him and even more. He hated himself. He hated Gilbert. And most especially he hated Maria! Maria was a she devil, he just confirmed it. She was capable of other evil things and he wondered how many things she was still hiding from him.
‘i love you Alice’ Tony said softly.
Another slap landed on his cheek and this time tears trickled down his cheeks.
‘you have a really wierd way of loving someone moron’
‘believe me,’ he said tearfully ‘i know i dont deserve your forgiveness but at least try putting yourself in my shoes. How on earth wont i believe whatever my daughter says especially when it had to do with the person who shot her?’
‘you trust her. And you dont trust me’
‘of course i had to trust her. I knew she hated you but i never knew it was up to this extent. How on earth wont i believe her, why?! I thought she was saying the truth, coupled with the fact that they were witnesses’
And yet another slap was delivered to him ‘you are the craziest person i’ve ever seen in my whole life Tony!’
She moved to the bed and sat. There was silence for about a minute before she spoke ‘get out. Leave now and dont forget to bring my suitcases’
Tony looked at her, he really loved this woman and she was hurting him. Heck! She wasnt hurting him, he was the one hurting her.
And before he could speak, she touched her stomach and winced in pain. He rushed to her.
‘are you okay?’ he asked his voice ladden with concern.
‘fool!’ she cursed ‘i’m fine. Just get going’
‘but Alice……’
‘please! Dont provoke me young man!’
Tony wanted to say something when his phone rang. He picked it up ‘Ximena?’
‘Tony,’ there was fear in her voice and she was panting ‘you have to come….you have to come home now, Maria is……Maria is……’
‘Maria is what?’
To be continued……

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