More than three week before result was out; I was at home doing nothing. I would just lie-down or sit down on the same spot. I could not face mummy neither do I have got to talk to my uncle face to face. They just could not abandon me because I was a kid to his brother. More than three time mummy has come down from Ibadan to check me. Every night he would be feeding me with words that a man can hear to become deaf. But at my current position, I could not say anything. I would only see myself begging mummy to help me talk to my uncle not to abandon now, because the pikin has already picked the knife. The knife already done cut the pikin hand. There is no way a kid would know how to eat white already cooked maize pap that it would stay his hand. Whenever I sit-down, I would remmiscene of my frivolous act and sexcapade with women. I would look at my john thumus wey already done cover with wart and be shaken my head. I would remember how my kongi would make me lost totally irrational. I would remember how it usually took me a lot to reach organism, but the moment I reach my boiling point. Totally without thinking, when my kongi aroused and reached 100percentage of turgidity level. At that moment, I would grab the nearest Kittycat and be banging really hard that the owner of Kittycat would thought the drum wants to explode. I would be banging as if I had no conscious will in the crying of cervix. I can’t help sometime, but crying!!!
The day that I will collect my medical checkup result is getting closer. I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. As I was told that they must know the nature of my sickness before they can prescribe drugs and medical attention to me.

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