*********On the day of result*************
I registered at Abuja central hospital. All the patients were asked to sit down and our names were being called by consultancy according to number that occurs on our file. When it got to my case file, my name was called and I was directed to doctor office.
Doctor: ****adjusting his sitting*** welcome sir?
Me and my uncle’s son: *****echoed**** good morning doctor!!!
Doctor: I have run several tests about your blood and did some checkup sir.
Me:****panicking**** folding my hands!!!
Doctor: heeeenn… the result show that****hand over a paper to me***
Me:*****collected the paper, looked inside it and did not understand what is inside due to medical terms used*****
Doctor: firstly, I will advise you that you stay that you should away from S£x for several years….
Me:********sad mood******
Doctor:********checking the paper***** more importantly, don’t think about doing it 5years to come if you want to life for long!!!
Doctor: all these ones are just warning. There are tangible thing here that I have to tell you..
Me:*****adjusted my sitting******** what is it again doctor???
Doctor: ****clear his throat*** I am sorry to inform you that the eggs contain there-in your spermatozoa can’t produce again!!!!
Me:****looked at doctor and sifted my eyes back to my uncle’s son and returned my gaze back to doctor again**** meaning sir?
Doctor: ****removing his glass**** it means you can’t have a child again???
Me:***screaming*** YEEEHHH!!! I-AM-DOOMED!

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