Episode 44.
Tony drove on a high speed home, praying that Maria doesnt do anything stupid or unnecessary. Ximena had said that Maria had a gun on her hand threatening to kill herself if her dad never forgave her. Maria was crazy, very crazy.
He didnt even turn off the ignition before running out of the car and into the house. He rushed into Maria’s room, Maria was standing with a gun placed on her head with Ximena a bit far from her begging her to put the gun down.
‘Tony,’ Ximena sighed ‘please stop Maria, she….she wants to kill herself’
Maria was crying.
Tony looked at Ximena and after giving her a gentle pat on the shoulder, he told her to leave the room.
‘let me handle it’
Ximena shot him a pleading glance then left the room.
‘you want to kill yourself right?’ Tony asked ‘then go ahead, shoot yourself now’
Maria sobbed.
‘i’m waiting for you to shoot yourself. Do you need help?’
‘i am not your dad. And neither are you my daughter. You stopped being my daughter the second you let the devil possess you’
Maria’s cries intensified.
‘Maria, you are wicked. You are heartless. Do you know what you’ve done? Do you know what your wickedness cost me? The love of my life, the only woman i love right now!’
Maria cried and fell to the ground with the gun still on her head ‘i want to die. I want to kill myself. I want to join my mum’
‘suit yourself’ Tony said nonchalantly ‘i wont beg you to save your life. You can shoot yourself and go straight to hell for all i care!’
‘thats not fair! I only lied, i didnt kill anyone!’
‘and your lie made someone locked up in the police station’
‘just for a month!’
‘just for a month?’ Tony asked ‘alright, lets see if you can cope spending two days there in the police station’ He pulled out his phone and dialled a number.
‘what are you doing?’
‘calling the police to come pick you up’
Maria didnt know when she threw the gun away and ran to Tony, hugging him fiercely.
‘i’m sorry. I’m so sorry dad, please forgive me, i regret my childish actions, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. Am i not you princess again?’
Tony was tempted to wrap his arms around her and hug her. And forgive her. But there was no point. There was no point forgiving her when Alice hasnt forgiven him yet.
He pushed her away ‘until Alice forgives me will i forgive you’
He bent down and picked the gun ‘dont play around like this next time!’
As he turned to the door, he remembered something, he turned back and slapped Maria.
Maria was shocked as another landed on her cheek and yet another.
‘complete’ Tony said and left the room.
To be continued

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