Suzzie: lol do you think I can hold without having your dick inside me??????

Me: suzzie please don’t brings up a buried matter again……….I have told you am still unhealthy


Suzzie: then why am I here?????see, if you think I’m sex addict you are seriously wrong, I just don’t know why I love you, infact I just fell to the way you handle me on bed more than my husband dos……

She was flaunting her boobs before me and was carelessly

rubbing my chest in a seductive manner…….

Me: hunmmmmnnnn, but you know I already have my home, I have a wife already

Suzzie: who told you to marry me?????? Who told you I’m single or my husband is dead????? Who told you I want coupling with you???? All I want from you is your dick…..and

the way you handle woman,,,,,,anything contrary to that my husband got them all…………

She grabbed my erected dick and I have a signal from the veins and other organs that made up a penis responded to the touch which was damn healthy willing to do any assigned

I got very hard on, instantly but I
resisted the offer

of ayomide that may came
inside at any

what help the erection of my dick and waken some


sensible part of my body was the way suzzie position herself

infront of me, in a leather bumpshot that looks like a pant, that draws the exact logo of a woman’s vagina, the vulva appears as if it wasn’t cover with anything, and also one can tell the movement of the clitoris through the transparent bumpshot, also she wore a bra which was cover with a small tube, both the tube and the bra was half covered the cleavages, half of the breasts were inside while the remaining half were outside, I was even praying ayomide shouldn’t record everything about suzzie and download it for his mummy when we got home..And by the time we got inside the bedroom during the flaunting, almost everything was already out of the bra, all these also brought me to the mood but having a fear of ayomide, all the parts of my body were even at alert while they were also ready to do the services……..


Me: please don’t let do anything, remember you have promised nothing like this will happen between us, so please stick to your promise……..

Suzzie: who is ready to do that with you, I just fake you with the promise so that you can come today, have you forgotten that tomorrow is the day I will be leaving????? And I am even leaving very early……


Me:why early?????


Suzzie: my husband sent me to do something down before his arrival on sunday or monday, and the thing may take up a day

Me: heyah @by this time we have made our sit facing each other, I sat on the bed while she sat on a stool which was made infront of me, all her assets were winking to me while my body were seriously shaking@ so you are leaving very early tomorrow?? I thought you will be leaving at late hour so I can come back to give you a memorable sex you have never witness in your life after I take ayomide back home to his mummy….

Suzzie: lol, you??? A memorable sex???? Why can’t you give me today,

She forwarded her hand to my dick again, and she noticed the dick was even hard on already, she was surprise she met the dick in that position…….. And she said “baby do you need

me????” Please have me right now, your son won’t know anything”. but I was still resisting

Suzzie: ok what about the money you promised me?????

Me: how much is it???

Suzzie: #500,000.00, or can you make it #1,000,000?

Me: humnnn the first request is what I’m going stand on………don’t worry I’m going to send it to you on monday

Suzzie: why postponing??? Haven’t I told that I’m going with it the day I will be leaving????

Me: I’m sorry dear, what happened had prompted me to forget everything

Suzzie: ooooooooohhhhhhh I don’t like what you do to me ooooo, like seriously it pains me seriously

Me: I’m sorry, but monday is very near us now……

Suzzie: leave me jur, what if another thing i-jack it nko

Me: i-jack??????? What is that thing that can weaken me from sending that little amount to you?????? Forget that one jur………..even I will be paying any chosen contractor for the technology on that same monday and won’t affect each


Suzzie: cha chaoooooooooo, money

speaking………………………she push me on bed and rested her

whole body on me in a joking and happy manner, she made her lips to mine, and she was kissing me so deeply, as she was about to hook off my trouser’s button, I grabbed her hand and stopped her…….

Suzzie: baby why now?????

Me: let it be at night after we see ayomide off to bed

Suzzie: I’m seriously agro, damn hurning like crazy

Me: me too but please let do it that way…….

Suzzie: ok ooooo no problem, but won’t you take your bath??????

Me: hummmmnn I think of waiting till night, the time is just past 4pm

Suzzie: don’t be dirty kind of, take your bath now……

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