Episode 12
She called me the next day to greet me, and to ask about the company, I av missed my wife so much, I am in love. From work to home, that’s how I am using my life, I went to kola’s side to play whenever I am bored at home and we do gist about life and past, people do ask about in work. After one week, and I didn’t see my wife, I call her on phone
Me: hello
Daniella: my love
Me: don’t you miss me? I want to see you
Daniella: I also want to see you, but Doctor said I need to rest, like one month Rest
Me: so I won’t see you for one month?
Daniella: please endure
Me: and you said you love me?
Daniella: please Daniel, try and understand me,
I heard a voice underneath, a male voice “this is your food baby’
Me: who is that calling you baby,
Daniella: don’t mind him jare, he is my friend o, its been long since we see, so he just came back from the state,
Me: Okay o, so I can’t even come and greet you?
Daniella; you know you and mum no gree now
Me: issokay
I ended the call, I was sad, cus I am missing my wife, I plug my phone but the charger blow, it seems the light voltage is too much for the charger, I remember my wife do put her charger beside the cupboard beside the bed, I went to the bedroom to pick the charger, I open the firt woodrobe, I didn’t see it, till I open the 3rd one and I saw one drug like this inside the nylon **
I read the name and I google search the meaning, lo and behold it is a drug that abort pregnancy, so my wife did this, she abort the baby, but why? I sat on the bed thinking of what I might have done wrong that make the girl to abort the pregnancy. I decided not to ask her till she come.
I went to work the next day as usual, kola called me at work, so I branch in in his side to greet him, we sat in his sitting room,
Kola: alaye
Me: how far now
Kola: what happen, you look dull
Me: guy nothing,
Kola: guy talk please
Me: guy I am not happy, I saw This (I showed him the drug) inside Daniella’s drawer
Kola: what is this?
Me: they use this Drug for abortion
Kola: what?
Me: naso, but I never ask her sha
Kola: don’t ask her, let her come, but ges this must be the handwork of her mum
Me: I think so
Kola’s wife cooked for me and I ate the food, and I left for my house, I was like this for a month before Daniella call me that she will be coming home, the love is no more there again, the love is going gradually, but I just have to pretend, she has cook before I got home in the evening,
Daniella: welcome baby
Me: oga o, na your eyes be this
Daniella: av missed you so much, I mean inside me
Me: hmmm, don’t worry I will double it tonight
Daniella: let me go and set the dinning
She left, I pick her phone, I enter the password that I knew she usually use, but she has changed it, I drop it, I join her in the dinning, we are eating when her phone ring, she rushed to pick the call, but instead of her to be talking in my presence, she was talking upstairs, and it seems it is guy she was talking to, but my mind said I should follow her, and I did, she went it inside the room and I beep through the door, just to hear her conversation
Daniella; yes, I am now at home now, so be minimizing the way you will be calling me please
Daniella: (laughing) you are a bad boy, ………..yes now, you want to kill me Dele……..(laughing) ive missed you too, but hope you didn’t release sha?…………..serious now……….hmmmm….you know you didn’t answer my question…… how did my mum get your contact sef, anh how did you know that I was strong…………hmmmm………………ok o, if not for my mum, I wouldn’t have forgive you, but thanks to her, please my husband will be waiting……………..(laughing) let him catch you, he bad pass you in bed o, but first love and cus na you unlock me, I can’t just forget you……………….yes….bye love you…..

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