Episode 45.
Alice woke up and stretched on the bed. She stood up, said her morning prayers, then took her bath. Tony still hadnt brought her clothes so she had to tie the towel in the hotel. Then she ordered for breakfast.
After eating, she didnt know what to do. She didnt have any new clothes with her except the one she wore from cell to hotel, which was worn out now.
She was bored, so she decided to think of her life. She was messed up right now, completely. Where would she start from? She wasnt planning on going back to her mother’s house- no Kofo wasnt her mother again. She was Kofo, madam Kofo, Angela’s mother. She clenched her fists, she planned on taking revenge. Taking revenge on Angela. And madam Salome. Then Maria? No, Maria was a kid, she didnt know what she was doing.
A kid and she had that kind of evil thought in her head, her mind said.
She shrugged it off, she wasnt wasting her time on a senseless teenager. But she was going to deal seriously with Angela. Angela was her main target. Then madam Salome. That wicked fat devil.
She never really liked that woman right from time but she liked the woman’s son and Felix and the woman’s son were friends.
Felix! She missed her son like hell. She hadnt seen him in a month now. And she reminded herself he was living with devils. She would get him out of there immediately.
Then Tony. Her darling sweetheart, she laughed. She felt satisfied for treating him cruelly. She was going to deal with him for not trusting her. He would suffer.
She hated him now. She hated him and his daughter so much her chest felt like bursting. They were responsible for her suffering.
And her mother.
That woman will forever be her worst nightmare. True, she regretted her actions of 15years ago but she was just a teenager . She didnt know anything then. She only knew that adultery was wrong.
And she apologised already.
Didnt God say forgive and forget? And to think her mother was a deaconess in the church.
Wasnt 15years a long time already? The woman had refused to forgive, that was her own cup of tea. The woman wasnt her mother anymore. She was just the woman who gave birth to her, how funny!
She wasnt going to forgive Tony ever! She wanted nothing but a job and she could easily get one, Tony must get her one but not not in his company.
She would take care of her children on her own. She wouldnt deny Tony the right to see his child but…….wait a minute! Didnt she tell Tony that the baby wasnt his?
Well, he would understand that she said all of those out of anger. And she wanted her child to have a good life and also have a share in his father’s wealth.
Then she realised she didnt want Maria to have everything. She wanting her child to have a share of his father’s wealth was not because she cared so much about it. But because she didnt want Maria to enjoy everything.
Hmm, so much hatred for a naive teenager. She felt pains on her stomach then decided to take a nap, to relax her head. Then she placed her hand on her stomach.
She was going to let the baby know the devil of an elder sister he has.
Just when she was about to take her nap, she heard a knock on her door, she thought it was Tony.
But when she opened the door, she froze. Who was it?
To be continued.

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