Diary of A pastor’s Wife (part 3)*

I wanted to talk to David. When I knew he was home I decided to go to our bedroom.

“May I come in?” My expression inscrutable, I walked into the room when I noticed that someone was having a bath, without waiting for a reply.

Then I saw David on the bed, he was almost half naked, partly covered with the duvet.
He stared at me, slightly muzzy headed after being woken abruptly.

“We have to talk.” I said, almost whispering.

“I know.” he said.

“Who is in the bathroom?”

“oh, it’s Ifeoma.”

“Ifeoma now uses our bathroom?” I looked at David and suddenly wished the look in his eyes meant guilt and shame.

“Yes. She is having my baby.”

“I am aware David. But why have you taken yourself so down?”

“I am a human being Ekom!” He said huskily, raising his voice.

“So I am what? Am I not a human being too? I went to America with the church’s name, with the family name. I went there to make a name for us! To get Hills of grace ministries a branch in Houston takes so many churches years, but I used my charisma, and did that in few months…..”

“What I mean is…..” He faltered. But my heart was going wild.

“let me finish!” I screamed!

Just after a pause, Ifeoma came out of the bathroom, she had my towel tied around her.

“Who gave you my towel?” I asked meanly.

“I did.” David replied.

“Ifeoma, why were you sleeping with my husband while I was away? You were paid to take care of the kids, and clean the house.” The look I gave, and my voice tone practically froze the blood in her veins.
I walked steps by steps towards her, dragged the towel off her body, leaving her naked.

“Aunty please….” she whimpered.

“Did you remember all the good things I did for you and your family while you were having sex with my husband! did you?” I held her neck forcefully while David ran and held me backward.

They both sensed the tension in the room and ran out.

Slowly I let out the breath I was holding.

leaning back on the luxurious upholstery, I let a smile steal my lips like the sun peeping from behind the cloud. God was watching, and I needed to talk to him.


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