Doctor:*****persuasive tone***** come down Mr.
Me:*****started crying on the chair****** sobbing and crying profusely!!!
Uncle’s son:*****calming me down***** common, be a man!!!
Doctor: ****calming me down**** hear me out mr.
Me:*******listen to doctor again****
Doctor: this is not the end. We are only telling you what medical result shows now. Anything can happen in the future. You just have to move closer to God. He might later restore it. But now we are telling you what we see.
Me:********still crying profusely******
Uncle’s son: that you doctor…
Doctor: you welcome sir.
Uncle’s son: but sir, what next to do now.
Doctor: the next is that he would be coming here for medical attention every day until the day we will operate the wart around his anus and Joystick would be announce. The thing is that he should be prayerful, so that those wart wont beyond what we can operate here in our hospital.
Me:***wipe my eyes*** why sir?
Doctor:****serious**** wart does claim the life of victim.
Me:*****yeeeeeee***** I enter one chance!
Days gone by, I continue with the treatment of wart. I later heard that those that molested Elizabeth where caught and man-t and co. were later arrested when they confessed that it is man-t that gave them Elizabeth work to do. I knew the work was finish by man-t already, but now that fowl yhans done open, they will eat their own beans too. Here am I facing mine!
Every day I would come to hospital for checkup and treatment. There was a day I just left the doctor, I was descending the stair, surprisingly I saw mr. kasho coming down with a lady. It has being over 15 years since we last saw each other. There were not too many changes about him. He looks rich and with a nice woman beside him walking together.
As I was coming down from the stair, the lady and him were coming up. When we move closer, He was shocked and surprised!!! I wanted to throw myself on him but I didn’t have strength. Sha managed to jump up and rest on him. He was so surprised to see him in the hospital. The woman beside him was just looking at both of us;
Mr. kasho:******woooow***** jerry boy…. It is being ages…
Me: yes ooooo…. Master!
Mr. kasho: oooooops! I am happy to see you again. So, what you came to do here? You look so pale. What happen?
Me; ******sigh***** I came for medical sir….
Mr. kasho: eeeeeya… hope there is no problem?
Me: there is oooo… may God deliver me.
Mr. kasho: eeeyah… don’t worry my boy. All is well now. Who is the doctor that is attending to you?
Me: doctor Raphael….
Mr. kasho: what a coincidence. He is my doctor too.******in low tone**** so, tell me what happen???
Me: I had a Sekxual transmit….****he used his hand to close my mouth****
Mr. kasho:****turn to his wife**** honey, can you go up first. I am coming.
Wife: ok dear**** she is started going up****
********we located a sit and start talking******
I narrated my ordeal to him. He was sorry about it, but later broke the news that he as well came for same problem, although difference from my own. He said that since he has got married to his wife. They never have a child. He said he had done so many medical checkups and treatments, but the result was always the same. He said that he has moved his step beyond ordinary modern medical facilities to traditional one, but he is on the verge to look for a certain woman behind his own ordeal. He said that the sorcerer man said until he goes to apologies to the woman that is when his wife would be able to conceive because the problem is with him not his wife. And if the woman fails to forgive him, he would be battling with the problem for life
Mr. kasho: ****crying*** as you are looking at me. I am barren!
Me;*****I was shocked, because I have never heard where a man could be a barren before***** so, what have you now done so far?
Mr. kasho: I have gone to Ibadan a couple of times to look for that lady. I went to the school she passed out and the house her parent were living before but still could not see her. I kept this as a secret from my wife in order not to lose my home.
Me:****immediately, I forgot about my own problem**** haaaaa… wahala wa oooo!!! So, what did they say when you went to the girl house.
Mr. kasho: they say they have moved since 14years ago. Someone told me that it was that accident that happens then that made them to move from the area. Even when I came I tried to look for you perhaps you might know where they might have moved to.
Me: oooooh… we have also moved from that area. We have moved to our daddy site.
Mr. kasho: eeeeya…..
Me: what are you now doing at hospital?
Mr. kasho: I have to come with my wife every week for treatment. I have to make it look like this so that she would be suspicious of me.
Me:*******mouth drop ajar* haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Mr. kasho; *****pleading**** I am begging you. I promise I will take you to where my own case is half-solve like this. Please you have to help me find the girl. Please!!!!
Me: haaaaaa…. How? It is a girl that I know?
Mr. kasho: yesssssss… you know the girl very, very, very well. You have to help me. I will take you to that traditional man that told me and we will make enquiry about your too. What can you do?
Me: ****doubting**** and you said I know the girl????
Mr. kasho: yesssssss.. You know her very, very well…
Me: what is her name then?
Mr. kasho: *****murmuring**** it is kemi… oluwakenmi!!!
Me: *****screaming***** haaaaaaa!!!! Aunty KEMI
Mr. kasho: *****cover my mouth with his palms****

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