Me: ok, I started offloading my shirt, she helped me to hook off my trouser, she helped drew down my boxer while I was busy offing my singlet, in a twinkle of an eye all naked was about me, before I could notice it, my standby dick was in suzzie’s hand, she took it inside her mouth and was sucking so professionally has she had never did before, I was feeling it so high that I couldn’t stop her, she did it for more minutes until I released inside her mouth, she played with the semen on the headtip of my dick which took me almost to heaven, I was so carried with this kind of play, she will blow back the semen through the urethra, I was seriously in a very high sex urge but later after she had already swallowed the fluid, I got released and I stop her, she said she was also hurny that I need to free her also, she insisted that I should finger her if I can’t dig my dick inside…….I unzip her bumpshot and I started licking the

path hole that led inside her, I started from those areas surrounded by unsmooth meatflesh, I licked for some minute until I found myself sucking the real clitoris and was digging my tongue inside the vaginal at times, she was moaning so heavily but after I checked her to reduce the sound frequency because of ayomide, she brought it down but wasn’t satisfied, I later made my middle finger in her clit while she was moving her below body to and fro my hand, I jacked in two fingers and finally stopped at three fingers later before we ended the show, I jacked in and out until I perceived some fluid coming

out of her…………….I stood up heading to the comfort station

while she stood and followed me,

Me:why you dey follow?

Suzzie: I also need to clean myself now……do you want your

baby to perceive the odour????

Me: haaaa suzzie, only that small boy perceiving such odour! How old is he?

Suzzie: then, only for him to perceive you from making sex with me all the way from afar!!!! How sensible I his hearing???

Me: hmmmnnn lol, is what you want is to bath with me?

Suzzie: that’s all for now

Me: ok, you can come in….

We entered the bathroom, and we both got inside the jaccuzi, we were already in naked so we needed not to offload anything…..before she could press the water flows button, I

freezed her to wait for me that I was going to check on ayomide, I went to the sitting room and met ayomide snoring

so heavily like a tired horse………I made him sleep very well on the sofa and locked the door………….I went back to the jacuzzi

and met suzzie playing, folding and squeezing her boobs, I chose my sit infront of her and she released the water………I

took the soap and she also took a soap washing only her firmed gorgeous breast area in a provocating manner, “thank God I’m free, ayomide is now sleeping, so I can do anything now” I walked to where she laid and mount ontop her. I started sucking the massive breast……..I rose from the jaccuzi

and I brought her off the jacuzzi, I made her in a position she held the tip of the jacuzzi backing me and I entered her from behind giving her the best doggy style………..after 5minutes

hardwork, I took her under the shower stand and I put on the shower while water was running down on us, I also inserted my dick in a standing position and was jacking so mercilessly behind, still water running on us, we were kissing alongside, I was squeezing the boobs temerity, I was seriously enjoying

the situation………….the escapade lasted for 20minutes because we were both enjoying it to stupo………..we went back to the jacuzzi and took our fresh bath and left the

bathroom………..she requested for another round when we got to the bedroom but I resisted…….I told her to let postpone it till night……she agreed and we ordered for lunch…..we ate

together and by that time ayomide had already woke…..he

came to me inside the bedroom and spoke with me…..”Daddy

let go home and meet my mummy”…………….I replied “son,

your mummy has travelled, so we are staying here till

don’t like this place jur” he

why aren’t you??? Is it not funfull

enough???” I asked……….
he nodded and I promised to take

him around the bar………..
suzzie was in bed tired and didn’t


join the discussion…she was just looking at us till we reached

the concluding part of our discussion….

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