’20years of pounded yam could still be felt being hot.’ ___Yoruba adage. This is case of a man called kasho.
Whether we live 80 or 100 years, there is no one who would say life is long enough. Everyone will say, ‘it feels short as taking a nap.’ Even though, it is being 15years, but looking back, I don’t have memories about those events, but mr. kasho does.
15years ago, Mr. kazeem, popularly known as kasho was an area brother in our neighborhood. He was a smart guy. His intelligent quotient (IQ) would probably be 3digits. He was fast in thinking when it comes to woman stuff. He knew the answer to every spoken word from woman. He was cool, handsome, and popular. He always called himself iron body. He named himself after that raw name due to the fact that he could go 10times a day with woman without blinking the eyes. I fund of calling him master because he trained me how to woo woman. How to address woman that you might have seen for the first time!!! What intro to use for difference woman!!! How to hit woman on the first day!!! How to enter woman’s heart with intro!!! How to find the vulnerability of woman through talking!!! How to know when woman is heating down punany through talking!!! He was simply the master of mind game… and savvy!!!
He was nicknamed 15seconds by his dudes, because within 15seconds, kasho will go down with woman when alone. Either outside, inside, or open space, even road side no exceptional. There is absolutely no place kasho couldn’t go down with woman within 15seconds of mind game and sweet talk. Even though, I was so young those days. I was the right man to him. He told me almost everything about woman. He is one that knows iyabo; the cow Kittycat, jumonke; the Joystick sucker, mariam; the thick hole, ibukun; the Joystick rimmer, funke; the snake toner; shuliya; the stylist mistress. He sent me almost everywhere concern ladies stuff. Calling them for him, asking them over the place he might be, delivering them the messages sent by him. That made me popular among those ladies and I became a tool for him to bleep those ladies black and blue, and back and front!!!
In spite of smartness mr. kasho possess, he met his waterloo when he came across a lady called oluwakemi. Kemi was an area sister to me, but a young lady that deserves bleeping to mr. kasho. Kasho would send me to kemi everyday her attention was needed. I would be the one would to take sister kemi behind the house to enter room for straffing because there were only three buildings between sister kemi‘s house to kasho’s house. In order to avoid watching eyes, I would go to sister kemi’s house like I went there to play, within a jiffy, I would relay kasho message to her. Without much ado, I would be taking her to kasho place through back door. This habit continued for a very longtime until when an issue of pregnant came up between the two lovers. To make the long story short, sister kemi could not tell her parent about the pregnant and mr. kashho went all the way to force kemi for abortion a couple of time but she won’t listen. ***even though, all of us single in the word like to Fork free Kittycat, no one plan to have product of Bleeping free Kittycat*** kasho was so desperate to cut the tie that bonds kemi and himself together. Thereby, went all the way to put Postinol(abortion pill) inside the drink for kemi after more persuasive talk. A day later, kemi began to battle with stomach pain which nearly kill her until she was taken to hospital and confirmed that she took abortion drug. By and large, she lost her womb and in annoyance, kemi’s parents went to the victim which was mr. kasho, but found out that before information become well known, mr. kasho had disappear into the tiny air. Ever since then, no one knows or has idea where mr. kasho is and so touching; kemi will remain a woman with no child to show the world in the longrun!!!
***Sigh**** in fact, who’s pushing thing into the front, is actually leaving something behind!!!

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