Episode 46.
Alice crossed her arms and listened to Angela, who was crying and talking at the same time.
‘it was the devil’s handiwork, i’m sorry, please forgive me Alice’
‘shut up!’ Alice said fiercely ‘it was your handiwork! Your greed got the better part of you. Tell me, how much did he pay you? Just how much that that fool pay you huh?’
‘a hundred and fifty thousand naira’
‘christ!’ Alice exclaimed ‘a hundred and fifty thousand naira and you wanted me to spend the rest of my life in jail?’
Angela shook her head as she wiped her face with the handkerchief ‘i planned to confess, i planned to……’
‘shut up! Just when did you plan to confess? Did you know how terrible it was to even spend a night in that cell, the smell and all that? For a pregnant woman like me? I spent a month there. For nothing, the man i loved deserted me and guess what, i dont blame him. Its you i blame, YOU! Apart from Amy, you were my second best friend and i trusted you. But you lied against me. Not that we quarelled or anything, you just decided to take the money and send me to jail for the rest of my life. Every one deserted me. My hearthrob deserted me. My own mother couldnt believe me, you needed to hear the words she said to me here. And then, you came with your two crooked legs, warning me never to lay my hands on YOUR mother again, she is not my mother again, i agree but she is not your mother either and she will never be your mother!’
‘Alice, please……’
‘i’ve heard enough, get out!’
‘Alice please……’
‘get out!’
‘get out now!’
Angela fell on her knees ‘i’m begging you’
Alice grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the room ‘i dont want to ever see your sorry self in my room again, never! Go and enjoy your hundred and fifty thousand naira!’ She banged the door.
Alice sat on the bed and retied her towel around her chest ‘nonsense!’
About five minutes later, she heard a knock. God help her, if it was Angela again, she was going to kill her, no holds barred.
Opening it, it was Tony. She sighed in relief, he was holding her suitcase.
‘are you okay?’ He asked concernedly.
‘as you can see, i’m very okay. And what took you so long in getting a simple suitcase, this is past 1pm! I’ve been tying this towel since!’
‘i’m sorry, i was busy in the office’
Alice snatched the suitcase from his hands and hissed ‘did you see my son?’
‘your mum said he went to school’
‘how is she? I hope the wounds i inflicted on her are still there and fresh?’
‘Alice,’ Tony said with both hands in the pocket of his trouser ‘dont you feel any remorse?’
Alice let out a bitter laugh ‘i dont feel remorse anymore darling. My heart is more cold than ever’
Tony moved closer ‘i realised i’ve hurt you, but believe me it wasnt my fault. How on earth am i going to explain that for you to understand Alice?’
‘i dont need to understand. You are too stupid to be understood!’
‘darling,’ he tried moving closer.
‘dont come any closer!’ Alice said putting up her hand.
‘anyways, i have news for you’ Tony said resignedly.
‘Gilbert is dead’
To be cont…..

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