Random Jokes
1.My neighbour is cooking jollof rice
She is even frying plantain
Lemme go and play with her children
I don’t know why I love children so much
# Ayam_coming

2.Small breasts? That’s why your heart breaks
easily, no air bags to support your emotions…
allow touching and enough sucking, thank me
# ThisIsNotMyHandwritingOoo

3.You wear one pant for 7 days and you still
clean the chair to seat down in church!
# Tiri_Gbosa_For_You
# Mama_Ooh

4.Nothing is more painful than using the whole
Saturday to wash your boyfriend’s clothes
Only for him to break up with you on Sunday

5.After eating boiled yam and you start wondering
if it is really yam or somebody who bent down to
pick money
# Lemme_come_n_be_going

6.Someone will see you sad and depressed and
automatically think it is because of one boy/girl…
Please its not. Mbok I need money.
# Sips_Coffee

7.10 minutes to the end of the service and the
Pastor says “Am not the preacher of today”
# Shift_lemme_faint ….

8. Nothing dey vex your babe pass you no get job
and you come dey play career mode for FIFA
# Lemme_come_n_be_going

9.U Are A Christian But U Only Love Men With
My sister, Were U Baptized With Petrol?
Iznor me that say it ooo…
10.No matter how lazy or tired your man is ,He
ask you to pass him his phone .His ancestors will
always give
him strength…
If you laughed…Give me my like
If you don’t laugh after reading this, check
yourself you have degenerated spiritual problems.

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