The following day, mr. kasho and I had to go back to Ibadan. I explained it for my uncle that it is all for good, that I would be back in two days to come. The journey I thought would not take me more than two days later took me a week and yet, I still could not finish with the whole drama. This is how it happens; we firstly went to the house of divination man for enquiry. The man is living in Moniya in Ibadan. We had to drop-by since we passed through Niger, Kwara and connected it to Ogbomosho and down to Oyo and finally to Ibadan. It was getting late though, but the man still gave us audience, considering the place we were coming from. When we reached the man house, this conversation ensured:
Mr. kasho:*****speaking in Yoruba dialect***** a go o’nile oooo (meaning; peace be unto those in house)
Old man:******replying in the same dialect***** a go ya ooo(meaning; peace be unto you too ooo)
*********we sat down on the mart, directly opposite the old man*******
Mr. kasho;****start explaining*** I have tried to look for the lady you order me and to tell you that gods of divination (awon iru mon le) are right behind me. I was able to find the boy who knew the girl so much and who could help me to connect the jig-shawl purse in my way.
Old man:***shaking the hairy tail like rod in his hand*** awon iru mon a gbe ooo(meaning; gods of divination will be of a lot support to you) ****turn to mr. kasho*** don’t forget that the life of this boy right in front of both me and you is the solution to your own problem. Has he said he would help you to find the lady?
Mr. kasho: yes baba!!
Me:****surprised to hear how I and kasho’s life is connected***
Mr, kasho:****continuing**** but himself is having hard time right now. That is why we decide to pass your side and find solution with the problem him as well is facing. With that in my, we will be able to use a stone to kill two birds.
Old man:****opened the white clothe before him, brought out the cowries inside it and stretched his hand before me **** da owo re de, ara’kunrin (meaning; place you hand on them, young man)
Me:*****I placed my palms on them*****
Old man:*****dropped cowries on the clothe and started reciting incantation****** ti won ba yo tan, iwa ibaje ni won wu. Ma je nibe, ma je nibe, lon s’oko dudu ati pupa. Adifa fun orunmila ni gba ti o difa fun won ni ilu oju mi okuro. Orunmila wipe omo te bi yi, aja ti gbe ido re je. Omo tebi yi, oni mon ko……. SIGH!!!! (Meaning: when they get belle full, they will start displaying bad habit. Giving the same consent to orunmila(god of divination) when he was giving a message to the land of “my eyes no comot there.” God of divination said this child you gave birth to is a subject of Kittycat hunger, this child you gave birth to is a product of tore condom…SIGH!!!!)
Mr. kasho: ***asking****hope it is not hard baba?
Old man: the case of this young man is huge!!!!
Mr. kasho: what can we now do baba?
Old man: do you have a father???
Me: no sir!
Old man: what of mother?
Me: I don’t have that also as well….
Old man:********haaaaa****** oro re oni gbo ti n’kan kan ninu won o’bawa ibi bayi ooooo(you life won’t have solution if anyone of them cannot come here now oooo)
Me:****screaming**** HAAAAAAAAA!!!!! baba please don’t do that ***started pleading***
Mr. kasho: baba please!!! His father died when he was young. And for his mother, he doesn’t even know how she looks like…
Old man: what happen to your mother?
Me: ****pleading and sobbing***** she died before I was born
Old man: then who raised you?
Me: I was raised by my stepmother.
Old man: then, go and bring her right now. You have only 24 hours left before you died with the subject of Kittycat hunger you put yourself in. if you want to live. You and your stepmother must be here before that time unless you will die oo…
Me*******screaming******* haaaaaaaaaaaa…please! baba I don’t want to die now ooo….
*****Stood up and started ruing out of old man place, while mr. kasho followed from behind****aja four*** stepmom here I come!!!!

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