Episode 47.
Sergeant Victor knocked lightly on the DPO’s door before opening it.
‘sir!’ he saluted.
‘what is it?’
‘Gilbert Martins just woke up sir, he isnt dead’
The DPO raised a brow ‘really? How did that happen?’
‘well, it was false alarm sir, he just fainted and all, he’s still alive’
Gilbert screamed as a hot iron pierced his skin, tearing it. He couldnt even see his blood but his skin was tearing apart, then they pushed his head into a drum of water, he couldnt breathe.
And then someone placed a nail at his back and another used a hammer to drive it in.
‘confess!’ a policeman said bringing his head out of the water.
Gilbert coughed, he was bloody everywhere. He was stripped completely naked, without boxers and singlet.
‘i am innocent’ he managed to say through the pains.
A hard blow went across his face ‘speak!’
Gilbert wanted to confess but there was no point, he was going to die anyways. Because he killed people, so he must surely be killed by hanging or spend the rest of his life in this hell hole.
It was better they never knew the truth.
And then a hot iron was placed on his thighs, close to his manhood, he jerked in pains as tears ran down his eyes, he remembered Abby, if he died, who was going to take care of her? Where and who would she turn to? She didnt even know his parents, her grandparents so she could turn to them incase anything happens to him.
And then he realised he should have told her everything about her grandparents, taken her to them when he knew he was going to start killing people.
He loved Abby, he didnt want her to suffer.
‘did you or did you not kill Amaka and her fiance?’ a baritone voice said opposite him.
He wasnt even seeing the person, his sight was blurry. When he didnt speak, a stick was driven deep into his anus. He shrieked in pain.
That was the height of it, he couldnt bear anymore of this pain but he wasnt going to confess either, he just had to pretend, pretend that he was dead.
Just as he closed his eyes, another nail was drive with a hammer into his asscheek. He reeked in pain. He hadnt experienced this kind of pain since he was born.
And he pitied all the prisoners in there, male especially. A woman couldnt be treated his way, he thought.
‘i……i am……inno…..’ he coughed out blood ‘inno….cent’
His head was dipped into water again, but this time he could tell from the smell that it wasnt clean water. Smelt like fish water or water from the pitlatrine or even soakaway!
He could breathe, neither could he talk, because he knew if he talked, he could take the water in his mouth.
‘talk will you!’ a voice commanded.
Sticks from various angles landed on his back, he couldnt see his back but he could tell that it was worse than that of Jesus Christ when he was crucified on the cross of cavalry.
The nail on his asscheek was roughly yanked out, he wasnt sure blood was going to come out again, because it seemed like all the blood in his body had dried up.
Then his head was brought out of the stinking water. Then, his hands were untied and placed on the table.
A policeman came in front of him with a matchete raised up ‘say the truth or i will chop off your fingers and put them in your mouth!’
Gilbert knew he was serious ‘i……’ he stopped because he felt like ending everything, like saying the truth.
‘you what?’
‘i am innocent’
The matchete came down on his fingers.
To be continued

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