• July 2, 2017
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3 days later.

I was cleaning the kitchen humming to myself, “He’s intentional” by Travis green.
Trying my best to forget the picture I saw in the small, black box. I couldn’t sleep that night, with the picture in my head; it was difficult for me to.
So I distracted myself by burying myself in house chores, working myself to the bone and passing out at night due to tiredness. I couldn’t risk being awake once it was after 10pm, if I did, I won’t sleep, like at all.
Anyway, School is now in session, Stephen and Nancy are already in school, so the house is a bit quiet.

Gibson isn’t around. if you haven’t noticed, he spends most of his days here in the house in Michaels office than at the headquarters, and it’s annoying cause whenever he’s here he’s always in my space, acting like I’m some expensive, fragile, gem hard to find.
He (Gibson) said he has a lot of work to do at the headquarters of Michael’s security agency. So he left James the head of security and some other dudes that I don’t know to watch over me and the house. And I don’t want to just sit around letting my mind wonder to all that has been happening.So here I am, cleaning the kitchen.
As I cleaned the kitchen, my phone rang; I checked it to see it was Nancy calling. I looked at my phone closely, wondering why she’s calling, I hope she’s alright. I slashed the screen of my phone with my finger then placed the phone to my ear.
“Nancy, is everything alright?” I asked.
“No, everything is not alright” she whispered with absolute fear in her voice. I stopped whatever I was doing, immediately becoming alert. Listening to what she has to say.
“Where are you, what’s wrong, talk to me?” I asked, my voice filled with fear and concern.
“Well I think someone’s following me” she said,
“Following you?”
“Yeah following me” Nancy answered.
“Where are you” I asked again
“In the girl’s toilet, in school”
“Well how do you know you are being followed?” I asked.
“Because Ada, a guy wearing a black hoodie, looking haggard and un-kept, and he might probably be mad, followed me once I left my class to go to the girls toilet, and the girls toilet is a bit far from my class, so it’s no coincidence that he was just going the same way as me, ‘cause well I’m a girl and he’s a guy, guys don’t enter girls toilet, hence he is following me”
Oh my god she’s right, but why will the school let someone like that enter the school?.
Making a decision which I probably shouldn’t have made, I ran out of the house telling Nancy on the phone as I ran, “help is coming, don’t leave that place” then I ran out like I was being chased by dogs, I heard one of the macho men (body guards and Michael’s men) yell my name but I ignored them, running like they were monsters I had to get away from. I got to the gate, opened it, then ran out of it, the security man looked at me like I was some kind of fictional movie come to life.
Immediately I stepped out of the gate, by some miracle a cab arrived, I got in as the body guards got out of the gate in a haste, one tried to open my side of the door but I locked it, then I told the cab guy in a rather loud voice where I was going to, the cab guy looked at me a little bit worried not knowing if it was wise of him to carry me, so I yelled at him again to move, and off we went.
I really, really shouldn’t have left the house.

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