Episode 48.
‘here’ Angela said handing the pills to Kofo and a cup of water.
‘thank you my dear’ Kofo replied and swallowed the pills.
‘how are you feeling now mother?’ Angela asked feeling Kofo’s temperature.
‘fine. A bit, i still miss my daughter. A little’
Angela’s countenance changed ‘i went to see her today’
‘in prison?’
‘no, she’s been released’
Kofo raised a brow ‘she has been released? How……i…..i thought she kill…ed someone?’
‘she’s innocent, Gi…..they caught the killer’ Angela said. Kofo didnt know that she had testified against Alice and she hoped she never knew because Kofo would hate her for life.
‘my God!’ Kofo placed her hand on her mouth ‘i didnt believe her. I didnt believe my baby, how she must hate me now!’
‘she always hated you mummy, if she didnt hate you, she would never had the guts to lay her finger on you’ Angela said.
‘but i accused her first, didnt i?’
‘thats not excuse enough mummy’
Kofo closed her eyes, she loved her daughter but she didnt want to show it. But deep down in her heart, she wanted the best for Alice, just that Alice wasnt following the right path.
Alice chose to indulge in premarital intimacy with Benjamin, and when Benjamin died, she found out she was pregnant-out of wedlock.
And for a second time, she was pregnant for a man who wasnt her husband and she was even having problems with the man’s daughter. How on earth was she going to get married and enjoy her marriage when the man’s daughter was against her? How?
She wanted the best for her daughter, wanted the very best for her. She wanted her daughter to live a luxurious life, get married to a responsible young man and bear as many children as she wants.
Alice was her only child and what mother would hate her child? It was just that she wanted to make her daughter suffer for the mistake she made 15years ago. She had promised Alice that she wouldnt show her love and she was keeping that promise, not that she didnt love Alice. Or perhaps, she had a strange way of showing the love.
Alice had been in prison and had been tagged a killer and she had believed it.
And then she looked at Angela, the lady was very caring and responsible, unlike her daughter, Angela had no child because she wasnt married. Alice had a child and was expecting another for another man and she wasnt married. And Angela wasnt known for frolicking around with men.
She knew if a lady was dating and she was sure Angela wasnt dating. She wished Alice was as responsible as Angela or kept herself for her husband. If not for the unfortunate rape incident, she was sure Angela would have remained a virgin by now.
Talking about marriage, she decided to talk to Angela about it.
‘Angela, do you have a boyfriend?’ She asked.
Angela shook her head wondering where this was coming from ‘no, i dont have a boyfriend’
‘because i’m not yet ready for a relationship’
Kofo blinked twice ‘you are 30’
‘i know. Its just……’
‘you are a pretty woman my darling, a good cook, a responsible woman, good natured, honest and kindhearted, a complete wife material. You are overdue for marriage my dear’
‘i know. I’m just scared of getting married, because i dont want to leave you mummy. Because i know if i get married and leave, no one would be able to take care of you because i know Alice would be too busy frolicking around with men and taking care of her illegitimate children, both Felix and the unborn one, she might not take good care of you mummy’ Angela said innocently.
Kofo nodded and smiled through her tears, she had never felt loved in such a long while now. She wished for the umpteenth time that Angela was her daughter.
She wished she could forget Alice but she just couldnt. There was a special bond she shared with Alice.
To be continued

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