When I was young, especially when I was in secondary school, so whenever we vacated from school and I eventually came to home I would say I like my dad in front of my dad and when I was at school I did say I like my mom in front of my friends due to the missing lingering in my heart. But I liked my stepmother in my heart. Because she raised me in the absence of mom and after dad left, she was still continued and never stopped.
Our past usually shape our future. Whether we like it or even if we don’t, things are bound to happen. Earthlings call it fate!
Could my sexscapade and life ordeal be a fate???? Only God can tell!!!
After more explanation and pressure of imminent death within the rate of twenty-four hours, and with the help of a man called mr. kasho who shown more caring than those who my living concern, who by any chance making an effort for him to have a green light over his life. Stepmom followed us the following day. We sat quietly until it comes to our turn to see old man. The man called us in and misery continuing to unveil;
************OLD MAN CALLED US IN**********
Old man:******welcoming us***** ifa olokun asoro dayo a gbe yin(meaning; the god of divination who turns bad to good will be of a lot support to you all)
We echoed; thanks you sir. We found our sit and the man begins consultation of divination again;
Old man: ifa olokun asoro da yo mo pe o, iwo lawo awa logberi (meaning: the god of divination who shape the life of human for good I call on you. you are the all-known and we are the clueless.
****After appraisal of god of divination*******
Old man: ****turn to mummy**** madam, good day!!!
Stepmum: ****answered*** good day sir!
Old man: what type of relationship do you have with this young man****pointing at me******
Stepmum: I am a mother to him….
Old man: where you there when he was born?
Stepmum: yes baba!!!
Old man: can you remember where did he do the circumcision?
Stepmum: yes…. We did it at hospital where he was born.
Old man: where is his Joystick-cover?
Stepmum:******surprised***** haaaaaa…. it is hospital that got rid of it.
Old man: ****shout*** na dog chop his Joystick cover oooo
*****mr. kasho, stepmom and I screamed; haaaaaaaaaaaa baba!!!********
*****in Yoruba culture, they believe if dog should eat the top layer of female or male genital part removing through circumcision. He or she would be a subject of Kittycat hungrier and would be looking for bleeping, because he wouldn’t have control over his or her libido*****
Old man: and that is how he will continue to look for bleeping!!!!
Stepmum: ****start pleading**** baba, please helps us out. Please baba I take god of divination to beg you. Please ooooo…
Old man: there is only one way. And before that, who is the woman that owns him something.
Stepmum: own him something?****turned to me*** who owns you something?
Me: ****looked confuse**** I don’t know!!!
Old man: ****checking the cowries*** may be the person owns you a whole human. Or your wife is currently pregnant???
Me:****still confused*** I don’t understand!!!
Stepmum: haaaaaa… baba!! It is ibidun.
Old man: ****turned to me*****is she in your house?
Me****shake my head*** nooooooo….
Old man: haaaaaaaaaaa…. Iwo omo yiiii****this young boy****
Old man: this is the woman that is destiny for you. If you miss her, you wouldn’t be to make it again. Even, if you live this place to white people country…
Me:******socked****** haaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Temi bami…
Mr. kasho: ****he has been remain quite all the while but after heard that, he was also shocked**** please baba, what to do?
Stepmum: ****started pleading**** baba, I take god of divination to beg you. Please, what can we do?
Old man: ****picked the cowries on ground***
Let consult god of divination!!!! ***after through with consultation*** first, I will prepared a soap of deliverance for him. ****turned to stepmom*** he would be bathed by you since you are the mother to him.
****both me and stepmom looked at each other***
Stepmum:****cracking voice**** you mean I will bath the grown boy like him?
Old man:****clear his throat**** yes, or you want him to be moving while still looking for more Kittycat to devour like a hungry dog, until it turn to you too one day?
Me: *****shocked*** haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Temi wa bami ba yi…..
Stepmum: *****she quickly obliges*** haaaaa… baba!!! I will do it.
Old man: that one apart, and concern his destiny to be a man worth rely to take care of himself and family, he must go back to the woman he has abandoned and make sure he marries her. Unless, he would be able to feed himself let alone talk of feeding family. Because, that girl is belong to caucus of white-witchcrafts and ****turned to me*** the more she is feeling remorse towards you the more your life will be more miserable.
Me; ****turned to stepmom**** please help me find ibidun…. Please!
Old man: You must find her and marry her oooo…. Unless, kese kese lori yi, kasa kasa n’bo*****na small you saw, biggest is still coming**** comeback tomorrow to collect the deliverance soap and make sure you mummy bath you exactly 1:00am in the mid-night!
****we left the old man’s place and I was fill with mix-feeling. Feeling of being bath by stepmom was not even something to write home about, but the feeling of ibidun and my future who looks blunt without her. How will I survive it?********

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