As I was thinking of going back to ibidun, not even going back as a complete guy, but as a pitiful and pathetic dude, I couldn’t help but remember her last words when she said; ‘a set date can’t be far off, unless there is an error in counting.’
Perhaps, this girl had already known that I would come back to him wherever I may go??
Does she know that I really could not make it without her?
Is she the one that behind my ordeal with those bad pu**ies I have met so far?
Could it be she reported me to her caucus to deliberate punish me? ****These are the rhetorical questions that filled my mind from the day I left the man’s place till the following day I did the bathing****
Arrangement has started on how to pleading to the family of ibidun, the day after. Mr. kasho had no choice than to make another sleep in our house and created a white little lie to his wife. He said that he was on business trip to Ibadan and the company he wants to do a contract with has not yet approved the contract. Thereby, he would not be able to comeback unless the contract is sealed.
By 9:45am in the morning after breakfast, stepmom called me and mr. kasho to parlor: ****stepmom didn’t know that mr. kasho, as well, came to Ibadan for his own problem and I was wonder why she could not recollect the face of mr. kasho… well, though it has been to long they both saw last***
Stepmom: ****turned to mr. kasho**** thank you so much mister for your effort so far. We will surely repay you in good health.
Mr. kasho: no mention ma. Jerry was a nice boy to me also. I can’t just leave him behind like this.
Me: ******I look at him****
Mr. kasho: *****he gave me coded sign back****
Stepmum: ***bring out pictures**** though, when the misunderstanding occurred between the two***referring to ibidun and I**** I never stop looking after ibidun. Because I knew a day like this will surely come around. Even I went to their house a couple of times till she gave birth to child.
*********me and mr. kasho looked at each other********
Stepmom: ****she continued*** though I never thought it could be so soon. However, I was also there when they were doing naming ceremony. Even though, I was part of those that gave names to the child. But in spite of my effort about the child, I can’t say if they can truly give in about the issue on ground. Because I had made effort to know what was in the mind of ibidun, but every time I wanted to talk about jerry, her eyes would be so red like fire.
Mr. kasho: thank you so much ma. I knew you did it for him and as you are looking at him right now, he is surely regretting his wrong steps. He could not just turn the hand of clock back to make correction but he has learnt his lesson already. Thanks ma!
Me: ***feeling bad**** thanks ma!
Stepmom: so, you should not just sit around and be looking. Today, I will go to ibidun mother to help you out. So, before we will go to their house, I believe their mother will also be a lot of help.
Me: ****surprised*** so, you have also met ibidun mother?
Stepmom: yes na. I never even knew that she was a person that I’ve known for long, but thing turned out surprisingly when we met.
Mr. kasho: haaa… how do you know her?
Stepmom: in our formal area before we came to our site here. We were neighborhood friends. Their house was adjacent to our own.
*****mr. kasho and I looked at each other so suspicious****
Me:*****trying figure thing out*** perhaps, she could also be the person I would know ni yen oooo?
Stepmom: though you were very young then, but when I told her about you actually, though she could not recollect your face, but she knew she knows you
Stepmom: so, let me get prepare to make an approach towards her before we can go to their house then.**** she opened the pictures she held and handed it over to me***
Me:**** I collected the pictures from her***
Stepmom: those are the pictures of your babe **** she stood up and started going inside****
Me: ***I flap the pictures thorough and start checking it one by one. So, it is a boy, ‘my mind proclaimed,’ he is so good-looking and handsome. He has the same body structure like me, but look a little bit like his mother. The tears formed on my eyes. I couldn’t help it… the tears started flowing uncontrollable down my cheeks. *****mr. kasho looked me straight into the eyes and also stood up too. He came over to where I seated and pat me on the back, then went inside**** I wanted to hold it in, but the tears continued to come down my eyes instinctually. So, this is beautiful object I was denied back then. So, I was bad to that extend. I neglected him and his mother.
I tried to imagine how hard it would have been on his mother and him.
I tried to Imagine what his mother might have went through in the absence of me who suppose to be a backbone to her on tough days.
I imagined the kind of resentment she might have held in her mind towards me.
I imagined how tired she would have been for facing the event created by both of us…
I cried and cried tirelessly till I lost conscious!!!!

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