Episode 13
I rushed back to the sitting room, she came down, smiling
Daniella: mabinu jare darling,
Me: no problem
Daniella: (she sit on her chair) hope you are enjoying the food
Me: yes
Daniella: what’s wrong with you
Me: nothing, I’m full, pack it jare,
She was looking at me, I went to bed.
I felt someone hand on my shoulder, I opened my eyes, and I checked the time, it was 3:30 am
Me: what
Daniella: please I want to talk please
Me: can’t it wait till morning, I’m going to work please
Daniella: Daniel please
Me: ok, (lifting myself from the bed)
Daniella: Daniel please what did I do? Did I offend you? You just changed all of a sudden
Me: you did nothing, I just don’t feel like playing
Daniella: Daniel, did you hear anything?
Me: no o
Daniella: ok, let’s have sex, I’m missing you please
Me: I’m tired, next time please (kissed her on her forehead)
I slept off, I woke up in the morning, she had cooked before I woke up, I ate a little and left, I was about to drive into the company, I packed and I was thinking, I was sad, I can’t go to her company.
I know my family is at stake,
Daniella, disappoint me,
I shouldn’t have marry her before sef,
Tears was dripping out of my eyes, after some minute, I drove back and went to my own little company. Two hours later, Daniella called me
Daniella: Daniel
Me: yes, whatsup
Daniella: you are not at work, why?
Me: nothing, I went to see my mum, I’m on my way back
Daniella: ok, Mum is even waiting for you
I went to the place, I met her mother and Daniella inside my office, her face looked furious,
Mrs Rose: where have you been?
Me: (I was looking like a drunkard, cus my heart is full of hatred for her and her daughter) no where
Mrs Rose: anyways, Daniella will move from her office to another place and I will be occupying your own, so I will be using this place as from Monday
Me: do what you like, it’s your company,
Daniella: is something wrong with you Daniel? You are talking to my mum?
I picked my suit and I was walking to the door
Mrs Rose: if you walk out of that place, just consider yourself sacked
I hissed and walked out, I went home, cooked and eat, I was eating when kola entered


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