Some will say guys are like this, others will surely say guys are like that. (Who should we blame? The feral cat that ate the meat or the person who knows how precious the meat was and placed it where feral cat would eat it?) All of us are just walking with our eyes looking, not knowing that there is a significant difference between seeing and looking. I know some guys will eventually say one or two things to defend himself in a situation like this, but they say; ‘the forwarder who fell into the pit, greatly gave the lesson to those who are coming from behind*****
When I woke up, stepmom has left for ibidun mother’s house to set thing right before we can make a movement to their house. As I woke up I remembered that I had to settle argument with floxy as well for many years. I knew he would be useful when we about to go to ibidun house and he could be a pivotal to locate mr. kasho misery as well…
Me: ****stood up from the chair and called out**** mr. kashoooo
Mr. kasho: *****coming out of room*** yes!!!
Me: sorry… I didn’t know you are still inside.
Mr. kasho: hope there is no problem?
Me: not at all…. I have a place i would like to visit within shot period we are to stay here in Ibadan and I don’t know if you can take me there?
Mr. kasho: sure…. Hope not that long sah?
Me: not at all….
We dashed out of the building and went directly to floxy house. When we reached the house, I was welcome by his mother so warmly and she broke the news that floxy is already got married and wonder why I didn’t know all the while. She wanted to continue to ask me what went wrong between us. I stylishly told her that since I travel, I lost my phone which he knew me with and the effort to get it through people that would have helped me all the while was always abortive. And since that I knew I would come home sooner than later, I bother not to disturb myself again.
She gave me address to floxy new house. Mr. kasho started the engine again, as we made our way down to his house. When we got to the house directed by the mother, I started asking the area dwellers about his name. But it was so hard to locate it with that name until I started to describe how he looks like.
Me:****demanding the attention of neighbor**** good day ma….
Madam: welcome sir. How may I help you?
Me: please I am looking for a friend. I was told he is now living in this area.
Madam: it is a man or woman?
Me: he is a guy…
Madam; what is his name?
Me: floxy….
Madam: I don’t know anyone with that name.
Me: haaaa… ok ma, but he just moved to this place not quite long. He was living at no; 10 imonlefalafia street before came down here. I think he is married.
Madam: oooooohhh, so how they described this place for you?
Me; the person that directed me here said that when I reach the junction to your street here. I should start moving into the Second Street and start counting the house. She said it is 7houses form the junction and where fruit tree is in front of it. And I think I have not made a mistake ma, since I can see the fruit in here.
Madam: do you know the name of his child.
Me: I don’t know that. He was still single when we were together. He is dark and may be up to 6feet. He has a dimple on one side of his face. He was doing obama hair cut back then, but I don’t know if he is still doing it now.
Madam: haaaaaa….. That is baba Michael (Michael father). He is in second flat sir. ****pointing to me the way*****
Me: thanks ma….
Mr. kasho and I found our way of the direction to second flat. As we came in front of the door, I started knocking the door:
Me:******knocking the door*** hello!!!
Female voice echoed from inside the house……
Female voice: who is that please???
Me: it is me… we are here to see floxy ma.
Female: ok! I am coming….
****2 seconds after…. I heard the door was unlocking from inside. After removing the locker, the woman inside the house came face to face and I was shocked to the bone-marrow to see Monica (Dorchas elder sister) emerged from the semi darkness of the room with a baby in her hand!!!!*****

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