She was shocked too, but quickly composed herself****Mr. kasho noticed a change in my mood but act so cool as well….
Monica: ****looked at me with one kind yeye eyes, then sift to my right hand side and offer her greeting to mr. kasho*****welcome sir…., then looked at me again and says; ‘kabo jerry….(Kabo means Yoruba informal way of welcome)
Mr. kasho: good day young lady…
Me:******speaking incoherently***** heeeemmm, good day monica. Andddmmm, eehhhm, is floxy around?
Monica:****take devil eyes looked at me again and then called out**** daddy Michael…..
Floxy:****answering form inside**** yessss dear…
Me:***shocked**** murmuring: dear ke?
Monica: you have a visitor!!!
We sat down on the chair as we were allowed to enter the house. Floxy came out a minute after and was shocked to see me as well;
Floxy: jerry…. Is that you?
Me: yea…. Bro
We shook hand and hug. After greeting, I introduced mr. kasho to him. Mr. kasho could still recognize floxy vividly, but me and mr. kasho kept it anonymous about know him. I started to explain everything that went wrong between me and floxy to mr. kasho and after thorough explanation, mr. kasho settled the difference for us. Floxy talked about difference thing and introduced me to his wife;
Floxy: do you still recognize Monica?
Me: yes of course!!!
Floxy: I wonder since I never see you guys talking all the while.
Me: as you can see that she never sat down with us.
Floxy: but since she done dey comes to serve you, you never act like you know her.
Me: common…. I act like I know her.
Floxy: ****joke*** I think I hijacked her form you… ****laughing*** you ok by it?

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