“mummy we are going again to the bar nextweek, daddy we take you and I to the bar…..we will go and meet aunty suut”

his mummy asked who was aunty suut? He said she was the one that sent her junior to serve us drinks and meat”

……I was scared at first but when I overhead that the child

missed the pronounciation of suzzie, I got relaxed…………………throughout that saturday, I was feeling so

weak and tired that I couldn’t do anything in the house than sleeping after the meal amoke prepared…………..even at night

amoke asked me for sex but I declined and ignored her. she left my room for her own room after she was fedup of

pleading………at about 2:35am at midnight, I heard someone

was beating so bitterly, shouting and crying for help at our gate downstairs, after 3minutes I saw 3 muscular men who look somehow familiar appeared in my room but I maintained my silence and was begging them for Mercy, they search everywhere in the house whether I have money at home but they found nothing, they beat me so bitterly and they took me to amoke’s room, before we could enter the room, I was hearing amoke shouting for help and was moaning at the same time, on getting inside I saw a man banging my amoke so mercilessly and immediately I shouted what!!!!! heavy slap landed on my face and I was beaten until I got weak and went down on my kneel, the man that was banging my wife instructed the gangs to take me out of the room immediately he sighted me where I knelt facing the floor, I got no chance to see who the man was till I was escorted out of the room. before they could escorted me out of the house, we heard a gunshot at ayomide’s room, a man emerged out of the room and one of them asked him why he shot the boy, he replied that it seems that young boy knew me, he shouted “uncle” at first sight….after some few minutes, they left the house with

some jeweries and money they took from amoke with only gold wristwatch I ever have in my room..we hurriedly went to ayomide’s room and found him in a pool of blood…….we shouted his name, crying seriously and carried him downstairs

heading to hospital…..we got downstairs and…..we saw our

gateman at where he was tied with rope handed and mouthed…..we couldn’t untied him till we back the following morning…………………..the following day was sunday I have an

appointment with my contractors but I wasn’t happy, I couldn’t speak to anyone……..I staggered and sluggishly prepared to

made the arrangement alongside with femi that came on that morning to delivered how what I sent him went….he met us

weeping about ayomide’s death and he also informed temi too. temi came home that very day……. Femi and i make the

arrangement and after 9am he left for his home and promised to come back after my meeting with those people in the evening, the time chosen for the meeting was 10am. I couldn’t terminate the meeting because its not proper. 30minutes before 10am people started coming in, by exact 10am we have received like 25 contractors only 2 came late around 15minutes past 10…………I wanted to attend to them one after

the other before but mere looking at the population and due to what happened, I cannot finish up with them, I was even expecting seye before evening on that day so I just addresses them and I asked them to submit their proposal to amoke…….after the submission, I dismissed the meeting and

everybody left my house, I told them the lucky ones will be invited to my office on monday or tuesday then none of them should not make any alliance with any of my workers because

the plan was secrecy…………………….They agreed and they left the auditorium……………………….after everybody had finally left

the house, I went to meet amoke at the library she was, I discussed about whom to choose among the applicants, “dear we need only two out of them….one for CCTV supplies and

other one for communication terminal tracking, so who should we choose????” I asked her, she wasn’t happy atall and couldn’t provide an answer…..instead she busted into tears…….”Is that what you supposed to be asking me now…..where is my joy?????? Where is my ayomide??????


Me: please let forget about it. it was God that gave us, it was he that took it back, so it is very sure he was planning something good for us….so no let paralyze our heart before the

goodies arrive……..let just keep our finger crossed and let the

love continues as it was.. Instead of her to say something to what I said she busted into tears and she was weeping like a smacked baby………………

Amoke: why me????? Why me???? A rubber slept with me why???killed my one and only son why??? God who did I offend????

Me: baby, let get rid of that out of our memory, and less I forget, I thought we should move out of this compound, let relocate to any of our house in AJAH


Amoke: why???? What happened????

Me: everybody has known our whereabout, and it is very risky and dangerous we keep staying here, once we chose only two out of the applicants, the rest may upto another thing in retaliation in alliance with the suspects…….


Amoke: hummmnnn ok ooooooo……….I’m thinking of going to

the hospital

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