Episode 49.
‘dont you think you are being too hard on your daughter?’ Ximena said standing by the door.
Tony looked up, then frowned ‘when did you enter my room?’
‘a minute ago. I’ve been watching you. You seem so engrossed in whatever you are thinking to even notice i was standing here’ Ximena said.
‘good, i want to be left alone’
‘dont you care about your daughter Tony? Dont you care if she’s feeding fine and sleeping well? Dont you think that she might be crying right now, dont you care about her at all?’
‘i dont see that as any of your business’
Ximena moved closer ‘look Tony, Maria is a teenager, a kid that doesnt know what she’s doing. She was manipulated, that Gil…i cant remember his name manipulated her and she’s suffering so much. She’s remorseful. If she wasnt regretting her actions then why did she tell you what she did?’
‘because her so called manipulator raped her. Only then did she realise her mistakes’
‘that aside, she confessed didnt she? Tony, you should pity her, the poor girl is suffering so much for her mistakes…….’
‘i am suffering too!’ Tony cut in furiously ‘do you think she’s the only one suffering? I’m also suffering for her wickedness, not her mistakes. Maria is wicked and heartless. She always hated Alice, i know but i never knew her hatred for Alice could drive into being the devil. Alice has refused to forgive, she thinks its all my fault, all my fault! And i dont blame her, what woman would want to get married to a man who has a devil for a daughter……’
‘me!’ Ximena said.
‘yes. Tony, i love you. I love you more that heaven itself. And i’m willing to marry you a hundred times over even if your daughter is the offspring of Lucifer himself!’
Tony stared at her, what was she talking about?
‘Tony, i love you cant you see? Knowing fully well you didnt want me by your side, i remained with you. I should have gone back to Mexico the moment your daughter stabbed me with a bottle and you did nothing but no, i remained. I stayed with you, isnt that enough to prove to you how much i really want you? How much i adore and love you?’
‘shhh, just dont say a word’ Ximena said loosening her robe ‘make love to me Tony. Make love to me as if it were our last day one earth’
Her robe fell down.
To be continued

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