Me: why not? I am very, very happy… bro**** murmuring: only if she never tells you I hate her punany that day she came to me****
Floxy: I guess I gained upper hand over this jerry.
Me; of course bro…. na you get your wife…***smiling***
But with what I can see, I guess Monica lied to floxy that I never touch her during those period we were together and I looked at floxy like a mumu of highest other to believe almighty jerry won’t devour her when she came around that day. As I was thinking of Monica as a legitimate wife to floxy, …my one of free pu**ies those days, the words that divination man said to stepmom flashed back to my mind as in; “you want him to be moving while still looking for more Kittycat to devour like a hungry dog, until it turn to you (stepmom) too one day.” My heart frozen!!!
Me: ****comot him off monica mater*** I came here for reason… floxy.
Floxy: what is that…?
Me: I want reconciliation with ibidun?
Floxy: why ibidun again?
Me: many things have happened to me…
Floxy: wait jerry…***turn to his wife*** can you please excuse us?
Monica:*** stood up and went straight to outside****
Floxy: do you want to be talking before my wife before?
Me: what is happening to me now is beyond hidden…
Floxy: what is it, tell me!!
I narrated everything to floxy from A to Z. how I contaminate warts through ladies and everything. The remedy to my ordeal and why I need ibidun back into my life. ****after the story****
Floxy: haaaaa…. Getting ibidun back would be difficult ooo..
Me: WHY?
Floxy: I learn she is about to tie the knot with one guy like this.
Me: whatttttt????
Floxy: even as we speak, the preparation is on….
Me: haaaaaaa!!!!!!! temi bami finally……..

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