Episode 14

Kola: guy, Daniella came to my place this morning, and explained some things to me, that you’ve changed, what happen Daniel 

Me: (I explained) that’s it my bro 

Kola: haaa, I no fit take it o, firstly she abort your baby, now banging another guy 

Me: naso my life be o

Kola: tell her now 

Me: I will do that today (I explained what happen in office to him)

Kola: normal, I can’t take it o, make I no lie you o

Kola left, I was resting on bed, when she came, I pretended as if I was sleeping, she woke me up, she sat at the edge of the bed

Me: what is it Daniella

Daniella: I don’t understand you, what’s wrong with you sef, what’s the meaning of all this for Christ sake, did I do anything, you didn’t talk, you even embarrassed my mum, instead of thinking of how to make another baby, you are here doing anyhow 

Me: which baby again, if I may ask, so I should allow you and your mother to kill the baby again abi? Or am here to waist my sperm? 

Daniella: who killed your baby?

I went to the drawer and brought out the drug, 

Me: What does this drug work for

Daniella: To keep the baby healthy, my mum gave it to me

Me: (with a frowned face, my head dey spark like an electricity cable) how come you are so daft, or is it that you are pretending? You killed your baby yet you are here thinking you tried to protect the unborn child. 

Daniella: Daniel how, I don’t know 

Me: so you mean you can’t do research on the drug before using it? Or don’t you have a phone to Google it, or what? But mind you, I am a man, I can impregnate another lady, but I just pity you, too much of this drug can damage your body, and most especially your womb and probably leads to you being barren or might eventually leads to your death. 

Daniella: haa, Daniel please, I don’t know, my mum don kill me o 

Me: (lol) you don’t know, stop pretending, well Dele is there, or are you still gonna pretend you don’t know Dele as well, I called you and you said na your friend dey with you, little did I know that is was your Ex banging you, so why waking me up, when your dele is there to give you 

Daniella: Haa, (weeping) Daniel please, I can explain, please for Christ sake

Me: explain what? Your mum forced you abi, you know you are a kid abi, your mum achieved her aim, and you allowed her, what else do you want me to do? What else? I loved you, I cherished you, what else do you want, its nothing,  

Her phone rang, the call was from dele 

me: pick it now, thunder fire the two of you, 

I walked out


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  1. Your stories are too short and you don’t post weekly take a leaf from oyin the writer of tarasha or even onihaxy itself on adebimpe the Facebook girl. .. .u’re just allowing sum1 waste is mb every time

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