Mr. kasho that has been looking us came out from hair too;
Mr. kasho: what do you think your friend will now do?
Floxy: unless he gets start now before thing finally get out of hand.
Me: please floxy help me, mr. kasho kindly help me too…
Mr. kasho: calm down. Since they never get marry, we can still do something.
As we speak, a call came in my phone. I dipped my hand inside the pocket and brought out the phone. As I looked at the screen, I saw ‘stepmom calling.’
Mr. kasho: who is that?
Me: it is stepmom.
Mr. kasho: pick it and let see what she has done so far.
Me: ***picked the phone call and placed it on my hear*** hello ma…
Stepmom: where are you now?
Me:***panicking*** I am floxy house.
Stepmom: come and meet me now at ibidun house.
Me: whatttttt?
Stepmum: come now and don’t keep us waiting here…..
Me: oookkkk ma…. We are on our way.
Floxy: what is she say?
Me: she said we should be coming now.
Mr. kasho: oya, let go.
Me: and floxy, there is one more issue.
Floxy: what is that??
Me: do you know the third house to you daddy house?
Floxy: yes….
Me: you know there is one sister that we normally called aunty kemi….???
Floxy: yeeeeeeessss…. I know her now.
Me: do you know where she is now?
Floxy: haaaaa….. See jerry. Aunty keni is ibbb….****mr. kasho interrupted us****
Mr. kasho: let settle this first, young brothers. We still have tomorrow left for that one.
Me: ok… sir!!! And thanks floxy for your time taking. I am very grateful
Floxy: don’t mention.
Me: maybe tomorrow, I will still take little of your time. I want to meet that sister too.
Floxy: you can even see her to day now. She is….*****mr. kasho interrupted us again****
Mr. kasho: ***screamed*** I said make you guys leave that one for now. Tomorrow is another day, haaa haaa!!!!
Me and floxy:****echoed*** ok sir!!!
We quickly rush out of the building. Mr. kasho, floxy and I entered the car while mr. kasho was driving in fast and furious manner, in order, not to late for the settlement as stepmom might have been waiting for us. She might have done a lot out of the issue. We connected various short cuts road to our house and going directly to ibidun sister’s house without wasting time. After some over 30minute of acceleration of non-stop driving, we came to halt in front of ibidun sister’s house. We came down from the car. I connected phone call to stepmom and this conversation ensured;
Me:*****phone ringing***** hello mummy….
Stepmum: ****on phone**** we are you now? We have been waiting here for you guys.
Me: sorry ma, I went to flooxy house ni ma…. But we already in front of ibidun house.
Stepmum: I am inside, you can come in.
I was so nervous and scared. I didn’t know what the destiny holds for me at the moment. The three fundament things of; …How will I be able to persuade ibidun and co.??? What will I say to stop their resentment against me??? Where will i say i was all these periods??? …were totally lost in my concept.
As three of us were about to make our way into their compound, we sight a car parked outside the house and floxy nip my bud;
Floxy: ****demanding my attention**** heeee… jerry!
Me:****so nervous**** what floxy?
Floxy: ****pointing to the car**** I think this the car I always see with the guy I told you he was always with ibidun.
Me: really?
Mr. kasho: let stop thinking about this for now. The most important is to meet ibidun and settle with her first. Then we can decide where to be heading to aftermath.
Floxy: yea, sure….
We entered the compound and located the entrance to the sitting room door. Mr. kasho entered before us, being n elder and drop his greeting;
Mr. kasho:****greeting**** peace be unto this house dwellers ooo…
Ibidun grandma, stepmom, a young guy not up to 30years of age, and little echoed from ibidun if I guess right answered from inside; “peace be unto the visitor”
Both mr. kasho and floxy have already entered the sitting room, and as I was about to make my way inside the sitting room. A very arshed voice came against me as an attacking tone;
Ibidun:****in a very hussy voice*** Jerry, if you don’t want to destroy your life please don’t ever step your foot in our home against. Oya go out now****SCREAMED****
Me: ****quickly go down on my knees**** please ibidun. I am very sorry!!!
Mr. kasho and floxy also start helping me pleading….

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