Me: what for????

Amoke: to make a clean of womb

Me: is that necessary????? I don’t think so jare, the thing we have been doing all this while that doesn’t bear any pregnancy how would this a little minutes sex will????? I don’t think its necessary jare…..but if you insist you can go ooo


Amoke: hummmnnn haaaaaa emi (me) why God…….


Me: amoke stop all these, which one should we chose among the applicants????I forwarded the proposal but she ignored and left the room….

I picked all the proposals from the table and I worked through their ability one after the other………I later chose the 2 I

needed and I forwarded a message to the particular chosen one to come for negotiation on monday at the office…………..around 4:12pm I received call from seye that he

wished to branch my house before he left but he was in a hurry back to Ghana, I insisted that he should come and meet my wife, atleast know my house even if for just 10minutes..and I also told him everything that happened, he was so shocked and he agreed to come and console my wife….I text him the description to my house………..what

surprises the most was that, seye found it way to my house so easily and in just some little minutes I wasn’t expecting him to be in the house, he arrived and was allowed to entered, I went out to meet him. I led the way to the visitor’s sitting room, after 5minutes of welcoming and discussion at the sitting room, I called amoke downstairs and I made the introduction, seye patted amoke’s shoulder and found her a sit beside him, amoke welcomed him with tears in her eyes, amoke left the sitting room to get something for seye in the kitchen..though

seye rejected. And told her not to worried herself, but amoke insisted because that was seye’s first time……….some minutes

after, femi came into the house and immediately he entered the sitting room and saw seye and I together, he took back his leaving and ran out of the house……..I called him on phone why he left just like that???? He said he will be back in a jiffy,



”I will let you know when I back sir” he

another 3minutes


received a call from his skoories that the flight was ready and he stood up to leave..

Me: mehn, this is not a visit oooooo

Seye: lol, bro ah beg no vex, I go come back soon and spend even more than a day, please make sure you stay beside this woman ooooooooo, she really need someone to be beside her and produces her happiness….

Me: alright bro

Seye: don’t worry, it won’t take me much time to check back on you guys

Me: we would say you said so…………….

Seye: ore (friend) who is that man that came in now and left????

Me: that’s my daughter’s boyfriend…..

Seye: which daughter are you talking about???

Me: have you forgotten about temi my adopted daughter I discussed with you????? That’s her boyfriend

Seye: ooohhhh heyah

Me: how I wish you should meet the two

Seye: that will be next time………

Me: ok oooooooooooo

I saw seye off to where he boarded a cab and left the area…..I

went back home only to meet amoke in the sitting room looking so pail and thin,,,,,

Me: baby please you need to get rid of all these….God that did

this one will surely do another one in a jiffy time……let wait

and see his miracle……


Amoke: till when alabi??? Tell me till when would I waited for????? Haaaaaa my only ayomide…..who ever that done this

will never have happiness in his life any more….with God and

everything he created, the person will never derive happiness from anything he laid his hand upon

Me: amen, but let just leave him to God, and see what God will do to him…please you haven’t taken anything since we got back from the hospital, please let go and take something……it

never pains you more than it pinched my bone..ayomide is only and everly child I was looking toward…..haaaaaaa God (tears rolling down my chicks)

Amoke: darling, stop crying,,,,I believe God will do another one very soon…….we got to the dinning. I served the rice that

remains yesterday, after I have warmed it, I served both of us in a single plate….amoke didn’t eat but I fed her, she doesn’t

took more than 3spoons before she left the dinning room and went to her room. I was there at the dinning room soliloquizing……………after 5minutes she left, femi came back

to the house with one CID that wasn’t on uniform……………


Me: femi, what’s the meaning of what you did the other time?????

Femi: I’m sorry sir, I went for some investigation,

Me: investigation about what????

Femi: where is your guest sir?????

Me: he just left as soon as he was called that his flight is ready

Femi: flight to where????

Me: ghana, hope any problem?????

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