Young guy who would look like the guy opined by the floxy whose would likely look like the guy that has been go out with ibidun start saying; ‘come down honey’ …I was shocked to my bone marrow. Then, grandma stood up immediately;
Grandma: sit down there ibidun and keep quite. ***Turned to mr. kasho and floxy*** you can have you sit mr’s. ****talking to mr. kasho and floxy, while I remain on my knees****
Mr. kasho: thank you ma.
Grandma:****start talking*** if we are to cook the fire of snake as it long, we would probably burn the house. Every one of us here knew exactly what jerry did to you ibidun, but only a bastard will see annoyance and no get annoy and only a bastard would be appeal to and would still refuse to be appeased. Jerry is wrong and he is here to make amend please hear him out. You know already that I would not come here if only because of him, but because of his stepmom who has been a lot help to us right from day one and who is also a longtime friend to me. Keep calm, ok… ***turned to ibidun****
Ibidun: ***burning inside**** ok ma….
I looked around the room; both ibidun sister and husband have not been around. As if make I not recover from absence mind about the two, the ibidun sister’s husband came out first;
Grandma: we have been waiting for you and your wife to come out… they are here….
Husband: ****immediately he sighted me, he screamed****what is this ‘son of a gun’ doing in my house??? Get ooooouuuutttt noooooowww!!!!
Me: ****I went down by my chest and prostrated flat on the ground**** please sir!!!
Stepmom: please sir….
Mr. kasho: we are sorry sir. Please try to hear him out!!!
Grandma: take it easy my boy… he has greatly regretted his miss deed…
Husband: *****turned to me*** so, you can come here to beg? Do you remember when you said you can never come to us? You are a bastard for being here today.
Me: ****still on my flat prostrate**** sorry sir…
Husband: ****locate his sit****
Grandma: where is your wife???
Husband: she is inside****call out*** honey… Come out now!!!
The wife: I am coming dear….
****stepmom and mr. kasho continued with the pleading**** the moment the wife came out, the half romantic and tragedy scene turned to melodrama;
Ibidun sister: ****coming out to the room and the moment she sight mr. kasho, she paused****
Mr. kasho: ****scared and quickly stoop up from his chair****
****Everyone one start to wonder what happen as both were shocked and reacted for seeing each other face. The husband, ibidun, and grandma that have been put a stunner so lately became clueless and were marveled. I could not help the matter as well, but to see what has gone wrong****
Ibidun sister: ****wanted to collapse from standing****
Ibidun, the guy that came to check ibidun, the husband, and grandma quickly rushed to where she stood and braced her up*****what happen, what wrong, are you alright…etc, were the words that were escaping from the mouth of her rescuers****
***I stood up to and was watching the hell that was about to less loss*** ibidun sister found it difficult to utter a word, but after fanning and blew breeze she came out for air and turn half romantic scene to melodrama;
Ibidun sister: ****gasping for air**** ka ka ka ka… kazeem!!!! What are you doing in my house?
****Everyone started looking at each other**** floxy ran beside me and ask:
Floxy: ****low tone*** where your visitor know sister kemi??
Me:***nearly shout*** you mean sister kemi?????
Floxy: this one sister kemi you asked me when we were at home…
Me: whaaaaaattttt??? haaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!!!! Whala wa oooooo…
Sister kemi: ****shouting**** I say what are you doing in my house kazeem???
Husband: take it easy dear… he follows jerry to plead with us… take it easy!
Sister kemi:****crying*** this is the person that made me barren honey****pointing to mr. kasho**** mummy, this is kazeem that ran away that time.
Husband: ****screaming***** haaaa haaa!!!! Where is my gun? I will kill all of you today.
****At the hearing of gun, mr. kasho, floxy and I were already at the door way. The guy that came to visit ibidun was a little helpful and held the husband in uniform motion. I was scared and as well as regretrd my frivolous act. Ibidun grandma ran against us to the outside while stepmom was after her, in order, to hold her in position. When she met us at the gate, she said;
Grandma: *****SHOUTING***** all of you made my children like this…. I swear with my ancestor, you will never know peace!
*******stepmom and floxy dodged their heads*******
Me and mr. kasho: ***SCREAMED*** HAAAAA MAMA!!!!!!
*****************THE END********************

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