Episode 15
I dressed and walk out, I went to my company, which I had gradually transformed to a bigger place, I now have more staffs working alongside the other guy which was previously working with me, cus we now handle a bigger business.
I stop going home, cus I hate her, I can’t face her, she has called me severally, sent different types of text, which I ignored.
“Daniel please I love you”
“Please forgive me and come back home”
Blah blah
I was at my work when kola called me one afternoon
Kola: what’s up
Me: I dey o
Kola: alaye, come home now, don’t let this girl kill herself o, na everyday she dey cry o
Me: why should I come
Kola: guy, I understand, but all the same, the likes of Cynthia and Omolara will be happy if your home is not in order, forgive her please
Me: let me think first, take care
Kola: so you go end the call
I ended the call, not long after, a strange number called me again
The num: hello Daniel
Me: who is this
The num: Rose, your in-law and ex sugar mummy
Me: what is it ma
The num: do you want to kill my daughter, if you want to crucify someone that should be me, cus I caused everything, she loves you,
Me: okay
The num: I told her not to marry you, she did cus she love you, even though she beg me before I call you, but she love you sha,
Me: I know it is your handwork, the home will break at last ni, cus when she found out what happen between us,
The num: so will you be the one to tell her?
Me: I don’t know
The num: you try such, just consider yourself gone
I ended the call, (even though I love her, but what if she find out that I don nack her mum on different occasions, I think I need to confess), I picked my car key and went home, I met her sleeping on bed, I sat beside her, she look beautiful, I kissed her on her forehead, she open her eyes, she wanted to talk, but I covered her mouth with a deep kiss which she could not resist, she hugged me, I pulled off her clothes, she was braless, I was sulking the breast, she help me with my shirt and trouser, she grabbed my di*k and inserted it inside her wet pu**y, we slept off after the hot s*x.


The story continues in SEASON 4.

watch out!! 

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